Friday, 4 March 2016

Tuakana Teina day-Lydia

                                    Here are some photos from what we did on Tuakana Teina day
                                                    Some beautiful room 8 students with their
                                                               rm 1 buddies in the sandpit
                                                          Hamish with his beautiful masterpiece
                                                               Beautiful builders
                                         "We need tape miss it won't stay, but i'll still smile for you"
                                                   This is my lovely teacher Miss Morrison
                                            This is my beautiful buddy Elisiva isn't she just cute
                               This is when we got to tp our buddies and dress them up with toilet paper
Our buddy class was rm 1. In room 1 we had a list of fun things to do. My buddy was Elisiva, Hevani and Stephney 2 of them were my age helping me look after Elisiva. First Me and my 2 friends were drawing hopscotch while Elisiva was at the dentist. We weren't able to do all of the things on the list but we got to do some.  I know it kinda turned out how it wasn't suppose to be but the good thing was we got to spend times with our buddy class and have fun!!

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