Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Brian Falkner - Lydia

Today a author named Brian Falkner came to our school. At first I couldn't believe he was here and as he started to talk about his books I realized he was just a normal human being that wrote stories. Brian Falkner talked about his books and what happened in the story.  Brian Falkner taught us many many things and his book Brain Jack. What I enjoyed learning was S T O R Y. S was for setting, T was for character, O was for obstacles (which is like a problem), R was for reach and Y was for your goal. I think that, that was the most important thing I needed to know if I wanted to write a story. I had so much fun listening to Brian Falkner's story about his life as a author but I also had fun beating room 7 and 6 at a Brian Falkner Book Challenge (not to brag but it's true). By the way the Brian Falkner Challenge is when Brian Falkner put up some sentences from a story and we have to guess the title of the book. I had so much fun and I can't wait till next time.


  1. That was AWESOME but maybe add photos to make it stand out that was just my Opinion
    -Edith (BFF)

    1. Thanks Edith... Your comment was really good and yes I will add a photo to my work.