Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Free Writing

Kia Ora. Today for writing we did free writing. For free writing I wrote poems and here they are
WALT: Write for leisure
Rainbow’s End makes my stomach go round and when i’m on a ride it makes me go wow. Rainbow’s End rides makes me go dizzy and when it does my hair goes all fizzy. My favorite ride is the fear fall it ain’t small it is tall and it is the best ride out of all.

Riding bikes from ramp to ramp somehow end up near a camp so I run and see a tramp I ran so long I get a cramp, as I run I fall into a river and my clothes get damp.

Edith is my best friend we are bff’s til the end we are both smart and that’s how we blend. No one will end our friendship because it is to precious. Me and Edith like to play and we don’t like to wear dresses.

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