Thursday, 9 June 2016

My Favorite park

Yesterday for writing we did a writing explosion. We had 3 pictures and I chose the one where I had to describe my favorite park. I know frozen is a little bit of a kids thing but I am a kid and I love children that are younger then me and yeah. Make sure to give me some feedback in the comment section. Hope use enjoy reading my story! Bye!
Name: Lydia

Words to describe the Park:
  • Fun
  • Frozen
  • Colorful

Words to describe the water:
  • It is clean water

Words to describe the Theme:
  • The theme is the movie Frozen

My Story starts here:
*The Perfect park for me would have a frozen theme. It will have a water slide with Olaf jumping up and saying surprise when you reach the end and it will have a sandpit with snowflake shapes on it.

This park would take place in Canada because in Canada it snows. My park would have a swing with little snow flakes falling down from the top of the swing. I chose Frozen to be the theme because this is a park for little kids mostly little girls and I have a little cousin who loves the movie so much so this will be like a little gift for those little girls who like Olaf, Anna, and the Queen Elsa.

A part of this park would be a little part about Kristoff and his reindeer also Olaf. I would want this bit because I want to make it fair for the boys because I don't want little girls having fun and the boys on the side just sitting there NO! I might even have Frozone on it because he is a superhero and he freezes bad people (I think).

This park would have so much park related stuff that is so fun for children to play on and if any of use find my favourite park try find me.

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  1. Wow, you must really love the movie Frozen. My sister loves that movie too. I really like how you described it being from Canada because Canada is a great country, Great Work!