Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Perimeter and Area

Today for maths we were learning about a Perimeter and a Area. Mrs Manuyag said that the easiest way to find out the differences between a Perimeter and a Area is by imagining yourself in a race and if it was a Perimeter I would run outside of the field and if it was the inside our caretaker would be mowing the lawn on the field and that would be a Area. I also learnt that if you are using a Perimeter you are adding and if you are using a Area you will be using multiplication. One other thing I learnt in this session was that if you use Multiplication as a strategy for your equation you the put a little small 2 at the end (by the way it doesn't work with everything but it does work with Perimeter and Area) and that means squared. Hope use enjoy this little presentation! 

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