Monday, 20 June 2016

Writing for leisure

Hi. Today for writing we were learning to write for leisure. Writing for leisure is like when you enjoy writing in your free time and I love to write in my own time. These past 2 terms we have learnt different kinds of writing topics like poetry, narratives, etc. But what I enjoyed learning the most was poetry so I wrote poems today. Hope use enjoy reading my poems and give me some feed back in the comment section. Bye!
WALT: Write for leisure

My Little brother.

My little brother is annoying he likes to play with toys, when he’s asleep he’s cute and when hes awake he needs to mute, sometimes he's mean to me but he just needs to see that as a older sister I’m allowed to say behave mr!
When i’m eating a pie my little brother cries and when I give him a piece he eats the whole thing.

School is cool if it isn’t to you your just a fool. At school we read and we lead. Some people say that we always come last but that’s just because they're jealous of us. Tamaki Primary is the best and yes it’s true we will beat the rest, nobody can beat us we’re the champions we have no time for losers cause we got computers.

Me and Hevani.
Me and Hevani are best friends our friendship will never end. Me and Hevani have our ups and downs and then our friendship goes round and round but we are best friends even in the playground. Me and Hevani are together when ever I got her back and she gots mine that's why we like to waste each others time.

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