Friday, 19 August 2016

Senior Olympics 2016

Malo E Leilei. Yesterday at school we had the Senior Olympics for 2016. We had 4 stations. The 1st one that the year 5's went to was long jump with Miss Kumor. There were 2 cones facing each other what we had to do was run to the other cone stop and jump our hardest. The person who jumped the furthest his/her jump would be the length we had to beat. The 2nd station was shot put with Miss Shiriwasto. I think we all know what we had to do at this station. The next station was Gymnastics with Caleb and Kelly. What we had to do was run jump over the volt then keep on running and jump over this rainbow thing onto the ramp and do a rolly polly until we get to the blue mat where we have to do a handstand then jump over another volt and we're finished. The 2nd to last station was with Mrs Sharma. We played rob the nest. To play rob the nest you have to run up and get the ball when the teacher said go. Whoever got the most balls wins. The last station was relays with Miss Ashley and Miss Irene. There were 5 teams of 4. 1 person from each team went around the bike track and stood at a cone. 1 person would stand at the starting place with the baton and run to the 2nd person, then the 2nd person would run to the 3rd person and then it carries on to the 4th person then to the finish line. I had so much fun at the senior Olympics and I loved all of them but my favorite was gymnastics. By the way the Olympics we had wasn't about winning it was about having fun. Remember Humble winners, Gracious losers. Bye. Hope you enjoyed the Olympics to!
Shot put 
Long Jump

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