Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Story Cubes - The time I got the key to the sky tower by a man with a flower on his head.

The time I got the key to the sky tower by a man with a flower on his hand.
So as normal I was walking with my family in town looking for a restaurant to eat at until I see this man with a flower on his head, the flower was purplish. The man was staring at me so I kept on walking. We walked into the restaurant named Fortuna. We ate lots and we were all full.

As we head outside to the car I see the man again. I was so terrified so I looked away and kept walking. I glanced back again and I saw him smiling at me, so you know what I did, I smiled back hoping that was all I needed to do for him to leave me alone. As soon as I smiled back I looked away. Then my dad turns around and says “ Lydia come on walk faster, or else come in front of me” I walked in front of my dad and kept on walking.

My car was so far away that we were walking for more than 30 minutes. “ Why did we park so far away if we knew we were gonna go and eat at a restaurant so far away?” I asked. Nobody replied so we just kept walking.

As we were walking we came past the sky tower and got stopped by the man. He smiled at me and said “Hi there”, nobody replied and he asked “how would you like to enter the sky tower for free?” , “like you have the key, to the sky tower, come on let’s go” replied my dad. Than the man said “actually I do” as he gets the key out of his pocket. I was so excited so I said “okay open it then” he opened the door and took us to the top of the sky tower. I was so excited, “this is a great ending to a great night with my family” I thought.

The End!

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