Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Bridge to Terabithia - Summary

Hello there. Today (as I said) I made a short summary on the Bridge to Terabithia. Hope use enjoy it. Bye!
Bridge to Terabithia - Summary
Their once lived a boy named Jesse. He lived with his mum, dad, and sisters. Then Jesse got some new neighbours. He met a girl named Leslie and they became friends. Together they made a kingdom called Terabithia. They built a castle/palace and Jesse adopted a dog to make their troll. They both agreed on naming the dog P.T short for prince Terrian. In the school that Jesse and Leslie went to lived a bully her name was Janice Avery. They wanted to get revenge on her for every single mean thing Janice had done. So what they did was, they planted a letter in Janice Avery’s locker tricking er into thinking se had a secret admirer. One day Jesse and his family were getting ready to go to church and Leslie asked if she could go with them. Leslie enjoyed that moment. The rope that Jesse and Leslie had used to get across the lake  to Terabithia had broke while Leslie was swinging on it, she was a good swimmer but what had happen was she bumped her head on the tree and she had become unconscious and then she
drowned also the lake had gone deeper from all those times it had rain. Jesse and his family were shocked of the death of Leslie. Jesse couldn’t believe it. One day Leslie’s dad was getting ready to
go somewhere so Jesse asked Leslie’s dad if he could take some wood. Jesse had built a bridge over the lake and it lead to Terabithia. Jesse had mourned Leslie and he had crowned Maybelle (Jesse’s little sister) princess of Terabithia.

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