Friday, 24 February 2017

My Whanau Conference goals.

Tamaki Primary Student
Term - 1,  2017

Name - Lydia Bloomfield

My goals for Reading this Term are -
  • Is able to identify and reflect on writer's' purposes and the specific language they use.
You can help me by
Discussing a story I read to make sure I have not missed any ideas.
Encourage me to make connections to the story with my own experiences.
Explain the meaning of unknown words.
My goals for Writing this Term are -
  • Use a variety of planning activities, e.g. flow charts, graphs.
  • To independently revise and edit their writing to clarify it's meaning and add impact.
You can help me by
Checking if I have placed my punctuation correctly in my story.
Ask me to write about my day everyday so I get used to writing, and read it back to myself to look for mistakes.
My goals for Maths this Term are -
  • To solve + and - problems by splitting one factor into parts.
  • To find a unit fraction of a number.
  • To learn my times tables.  - 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x, 7x, 8x, 9x, 10x
You can help me by
Encouraging me to practise my times table at home.


Name : Lydia Bloomfield
Class : Room 7

Blog address :

Class Teacher:  Miss Ashley

Hey guys. Yesterday at Whanau Conference my mum, little brother, and I walked to school for the parent, teacher conference. We walked into the classroom and saw Miss Ashley on her laptop. Miss Ashley and my mum talked about my learning goals. Miss Ashley also explained our clines to my mum. After that Miss Ashley handed my mum some notices about the new Facebook Page, and a permission slip about the creek. Then Miss Ashley gave my mum my book mark for my QR codes. When our interview was finished, me and my little brother went and played on the park.

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  1. Hi lydia this is a really good recount, although you were say "and then my mum" or "then Miss ashley". Maybe you should try use more powerful words. But overall well done what a good recount.