Thursday, 16 February 2017

The Cool Duffy Show

On Tuesday 14th, Tamaki Primary had a whole school assembly/duffy show. We walked in and saw Duffy (Vita), and Jess. I was very excited because I knew we were going to have a great time. We have duffy shows because it encourages us to have passionate in our reading.

  1. When everybody was still settling in we sang some songs. I was so glad, because I really wanted to sing. The duffy show started and all the little kids kept on talking about Moana. The first part of the show was about Duffy trying to find a shade to read his books. Once he found the shade he saw a flying girl and was confused and felt like he wasn’t thinking straight.

2. The girl's name was Global Girl (Emily), she played a superhero that tried to save the world but there was one thing she couldn’t do and that was read. It was called Dyslexia. She asked for duffy's help since she saw he loved to read. They traveled around the world. There were some mistakes that Global girl had made because of the cause of not knowing how to read. Global Girls’s boss was mad and wanted to take Global girl back to their home but Duffy and Global girl begged for Global Girl to stay.  

3. The boss allowed her to stay and Duffy and Global Girl were very pleased. Global Girl showed her appreciation by giving Duffy a cape. They were all ready to fix the problem but they needed to do one thing. First we helped Global Girl with her spelling, and then we helped her with how  to spell it. She was very thankful and overjoyed, now  that they were able to complete their mission. First they went and put out the fire in Australia, then they stopped the Cyclone in Tokelau. Global Girl had to apologize because she was the one who caused the problems.  

At the end the boss (Jess), Duffy (Vita), and Global Girl (Emily), all gathered together and we all sang the duffy song. Everybody enjoyed it especially me, and now I put 100% into every time I read a book.
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