Friday, 31 March 2017


Obsta- School

Hey guys.  Last week we started making our plans for our gaming unit. In my group we had Grace, Hevani, Hiria, Kika, and Edith. Our game was called Obsta-Course. I really enjoyed making this game even though cutting out cards from cardboard is hard. My part in participating was bringing my own game so we can use the people and money. I hope use will be able to play the game my group and I made and I hope use enjoy the process of the game making.
The start of the game
The painting of the game
The Finished progress

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

WALT get information by understanding a video

WALT: get information by understanding a video

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

DLO Water

This is my DLO to explain my own learning about the video understanding.

WALT get information by understanding a video

Kia Ora. Today IWLT get information by watching a video. We are learning about water and freshwater


Today Room 7 downloaded an extension  called screencastify. What it does is it records your tab and your face. Hope use enjoy.

Monday, 27 March 2017

WALT mark our writing against a rubric

Best game ever!

today our kiwi-sport skateboarding session got cancelled so instead we went out with room 8 and played line basketball.

after morning tea both classes lined up and went outside. we got into our two lines and started playing. my number was two and before and after me were auckland and Stanley. the number was 4 so Auckland, me, Stanley and Edith ran for the ball. No one scored but were were all fine because we knew we were gonna win. The first one to score was Arizona.

My second turn was on and I could hear my classmates cheering us on and I could feel sweat dripping down my face. We all worked as a team and no one was hogged the ball.  Amon was the first to score. We were coming back great. I stood waiting for my turn and it felt like I was a turkey roasting in the oven. Then as time came by, more people scored.

Some kids pushed in line and I was as mad as hulk but I kept myself calm and stood there silently.
We were all trying out best and Coralee scored the winning shot. It was 4-1 and we were proud of ourselves. We gave 3 cheers to Room 8 and they did the same to us. When we were shaking hands they wen'r being gracious losers because they kept on slapping us.

We were proud of ourselves and we were humble winners. Can't wait for next time!

Marking my story!
Structure and Language
Sentence Structure
Total score (add the numbers next to the R’s altogether)
My E-asttle score is … (click here and see what your score is)

Reading Activity

Friday, 24 March 2017


Haii Guys. Yesterday me and Edith worked together and made this little movie for the first time! It was really fun learning how to use iMovie especially at year 6. We interviewed some students and teachers about AMETI and this is what we got from it. Hope use enjoy Bye!

Wednesday, 22 March 2017




AMETI Summary

Today we made a summary about the AMETI upgrade.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017


Today we used my maps to find out what AMETI is doing to our roads

Monday, 20 March 2017

WALT: navigate websites to find information

Today in Room 7 we were learning about AT AMETI. AMETI stands for Auckland Manukau Eastern Transport  Initiative. We have learnt that the AMETI upgrade is going to affect us and our community. It is going to replace the Panmure signed roundabout with traffic lights. They are also making a parallel bridge on top of the Tamaki River. They are changing the Lagoon drive into bus lanes and they are forcing vehicles to drive throughout the Panmure shopping centre.

Friday, 17 March 2017

New Bins in Auckland

Rubbish Collection

The Magic Box

The magic box

Today in Room 7 Miss Ashley picked up a mystery box. It looked funny but it was a mystery. Miss Ashley told us in steps what to do. We played this game to write about an a describing recount.

Firstly it began. First it was Syraiah - Lee. She was blindfolded with a tea towel, while she was blindfolded Miss Ashley had bought something special for her. It was mustard. It was really smelly. It was so smelly i had to block my nose.

Then as I was watching others have their turn I watched they looked so nervous. I felt terrible, but also watching others was really fun. I was hoping mine would be easy.

Later on it was my turn. I was so scared I did not want a turn but I wanted to try so I stood up walked to the table and got blindfolded, then Miss Appeared with that mystery in her hand. She grabbed my and dipped it into the mystery, my very first guess was sand and i got it right. I also described it with all these words such as soft, squishy, and it falls out my hand, also it moulds on my hand. All these words described the mystery.

I really enjoyed playing mystery box. I hope we could play again.

Story by - Hevani

Sentence starters to use:
  • As I stood waiting, my heart was
  • I put my hand nervously into the box, and I felt
  • When Miss Ashley put the blindfold on, it felt like
  • The class giggled as

Did I remember to include….
Who, what, when, where, why, how
3 paragraphs - burger model
Conclusion - my own thinking/reflection

Specific adjectives


Different punctuation

Short sentence for effect

Correct spelling throughout the story

A sentence you have added in editing

A sentence you have moved in editing

Sentence starters given

The magic box

Today in Room 7 Miss Ashley picked up a mystery box. It looked funny but it was a mystery. Miss Ashley told us in steps what to do. We played this game to write about an a describing recount.

It finally began. Syraiah - Lee was the first. She was blindfolded with a tea towel, while she was blindfolded Miss Ashley had bought something special for her. It was mustard. It was really smelly. It was so smelly I had to block my nose. I was hoping mine would be easy knowing that Miss Ashley had put weird stuff in the box.

As I stood waiting my heart was thumping so hard that you could dance to the beat. I watched others have their turn, they looked so nervous. I felt terrible, but also watching others was really fun.

Later on it was my turn. It felt strange when I got blindfolded because everyone was so silent. I was so scared. I did not want a turn but I wanted to try, I walked to the table and got blindfolded. When Miss Ashley put the blindfold on it felt scary because I couldn't see anything or anyone. Then Miss appeared with that mystery in her hand. I dipped my hand nervously into the box and it felt so thin and rough just like the carpet. The class giggled as I yelled, "IT'S SAND". "She's Right".I got it right. I also described it with all these words such as soft, squishy, and it falls out my hand, also it moulds on my hand. All these words described the mystery.

I really enjoyed playing mystery box. I hope we could play again.

Story by - Hevani
Editing by - Hevani & Lydia

Thursday, 9 March 2017


On Tuesday room 7 and I went outside to make some graphs. We made 6 graphs and wrote these little summaries about it. Hope use enjoy, Bye!

WALT identify features of Graphs

Today we learnt 7 new features about Graphs.

1. The Y scale in the bar graph always starts with 0. (Besides strip graph and Pie Chart)
2. All graphs always have to have a title
3. Y axis and X axis. Y axis is vertical and X axis is Horizontal.
4. Scale (Equal numbers).
5. Label the categories. For example the category could be My favourite color and The amount of students
6. Data (the information).
7. Legend/Key. This color means that or this color means this. (Mostly recommended for Pie Chart).

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Burger structure

WALT:structure our paragraph using the burger model.

House Meetings

Yesterday Afternoon we had house meetings to decide what our prize is for tokens.
I went late to the Alamein meeting because I had to clean the paintbrushes.
I went in and sat in a group. Our leader was Teresa. We discussed in a group what we wanted and Mrs Sharma wrote it down.
Next Miss Kyla and all the teachers put all our ideas together and came up with Shared lunch and a movie.
I'm really hoping to win because I do feel like it's time to watch a movie and eat some yummy FOOD!

Friday, 3 March 2017

Homophone Hunt

Hi. This evening I did a little Homophone Hunt.

No Sugar Before School

Talofa Lava. Today I read an article about not allowing kids to buy fizzy drinks or all kinds of drinks with sugar in it before 9am. This is what I thought about it.

Cluedo Review

WALT: I am learning to critically evaluate a game

Your name: Lydia

I played the game: Cluedo
This game is made by the company: Waddingtons
I played this game with: Syriah-Lee, Suave, and Grace

The purpose of this game is to (Hint: how do you win this game?): Ask questions to a person like do you have this person with this specific weapon in this specific place and when you find all the people then you can guess who you think the murderer is.

My favourite thing about this game was: I think my favourite part of this game is how you play it because you have to use your brain in this somehow because you have to know who has this and that.

One thing I didn’t like about this game was: Their was nothing I don't like about this game.

This game is good to play by yourself/with a friend/with a group because: With a group because it is more challenging and more fun.

I would rate this game 10 out of 10 because: It’s very helpful in your learning and also because it is a very good game.

If I could recommend something to make this game better, it would be: Their is nothing to be recommended to make this game better.

This game is better/worse/different from (the game you played last week) because: It is very different to the game I played last week because in that game you have to use just your eyesight but in this game you have to use your common sense. Also they have different rules and purposes.

Image result for cluedo board

Harvesting Rain

T1 W5
I am learning to summarise a text
I can put the main ideas of the page into one or two sentences
Water Worries - School Journal, L3, April 2012

Write a summary of each page in the box on the right.
Remember you should only have one or two sentences to summarise the ideas for each page.

Page 38
This page is about… This page is telling us what water is and that water is reliable, and also what it does. It also tells us what issues we can have  with water.
Page 39
This page is about… where we get our water from and when it comes from. Fun Fact: The water that you drink daily is the water that was used millions and millions of years ago. It also talks about the water cycle.
Page 40-41
These pages are about… The water cycle. The water cycle is a step by step thing that talks about how water is made, what happens to the water, and how we can reuse it. 41 talks about what water can lead to and what it can turn into.
Page 42-43
These pages are about… The problems the water cycle can cause. It tells us that the amount of water we are using is changing. It tells us that the main reason for this is farming. It talks about the food we  make in NZ is made to be sold overseas. Page 43 tells us that the Manawatu river is one of the dirtiest rivers in the world.
Page 44
This page is about… the climate change cause by the increase of gas there is in the greenhouse. Their are some places like Australia where it doesn’t rain that much. When their isn’t enough rain then the rivers start to dry up and they don’t get that much water. Even though this hasn’t happened in New Zealand, this still means that rainfall patterns are less reliable.
Page 45
This page is about… Unusual water solutions. Some countries that already have their problems with water are trying to find new ways to fix it. In Saudi Arabia, which is a very dry place with a population of 29 million, systems already provide 70 percent of the country’s water. They take water and remove the salt to make it drinkable. This is also used in Perth, Australia.
Page 46
This page is about… Our water future. There’s no doubt that having a reliable supply of clean water is one of the problems we are facing at the moment. And there are some people who ask really challenging questions about it that is even more harder to answer. For example, How much water should should farms and factories be allowed to use? What if they don’t leave enough water for others to use? Always think about what you are tipping down the drain because this will help.
Page 47
This page is about… Harvesting Rain. it talks about what people all over the world think of rain as a reliable and clean source of drinking water. It tells us that to collect rain collect it of your roof because that is the easiest way instead of looking up into the sky and opening your mouth. But that’s not the only way their are other options to use to collect rain.
Page 48
This page is about… How to make your own water harvester.

  1. Often, we take for granted being able to drink water out of a cup but not know what issues their are towards what you are doing.
  2. We get our water from all kinds of places, such as rivers, streams, lakes, springs and even rain water of the roof.
  3. All water in the world is part of the water cycle.
  4. The water cycle is when the sun melts the water and the water rises as vapour and becomes clouds. But then temperatures become colder and turn the water into snow, hail, or rain.
  5. When the sun heats water in oceans, rivers and lakes, some of that water rises into the air as vapour and becomes clouds.
  6. When it gets colder, moisture in clouds turns into rain, hail, or snow.
  7. Some of this gets absorbed back into the Earth, where it becomes ground water supply.
  8. Because of the water cycle, the amount of water we have on Earth is changing.
  9. Serious pressure is being put on the water supply in Canterbury because of the growing of wheat, or farmed sheep.
  10. Rainwater washes this fertiliser, along with the animal waste, into our rivers.
  11. Anything that goes into outdoor drains have to be clean before making it’s way to the river but drained water doesn’t get treated.
  12. In many places around the world, their is not enough water which makes the rivers dry up and when the rivers dry up their is not enough rain to provide water for those who are thirsty.
  13. Less rainfall has caused some rivers to dry up, including the world's biggest rivers such as the Yellow River, the Murray Darling River, and the Colorado River.
  14. Desalination means the process of removing salt from seawater
  15. Fog harvesting is when people get nets and make it look like a volleyball net and when it rains the raindrops all onto the fog and into the collectors.
  16. Everyone can help use less water by  
    1. Taking clean but fast showers.
    2. Always think about what your tipping down the drain
    3. Turn of the tap when you're brushing your teeth and never waste that glass of water!
  17. Rain can be harvested by collecting rain from the roof or making your own rain harvester.
  18. To make your own rain harvester, you need
  1. A container to hold the water
  2. A large plastic bag (rubbish bags will do)
  3. Two lengths of bamboo
  4. A twisty tie
  5. RAIN!

Our visit to the creek - Recount

On a steaming hot day Room 7 and Room 4 buddied up with Room two, and went to the local creek. I had two buddies their names were Opeti, and Cheldyn. We went to the creek because it was part of our inquiry topic and also we went to explore.

Firstly room 7 went to room 4’s class to get ready to walk. As we were walking to Tripoli road Miss Park yelled very boisterous, “Can we come?!”  “YUP!”, answered Miss Ashley.  I was really happy to have room 2 join us. It was a life lesson because all the elder buddies had to walk on the side closer to the road.  I was boiling as we were walking because their was no shade while we were walking and there was no stopping.

We got to the Creek and I just collapsed on the itchy grass under the shade and relaxed. I was very exhausted but excited at the same time. I could hear birds tweeting, and I could feel the winds breeze blowing against my face.  I was really responsible with my buddies because I didn’t want them to fall into the creek.  As we were exploring Mrs Tafea saw an eel, I was very excited and so was everybody else because they started screaming. The eel got frightened and disappeared. Coralee, Viliami, and I used a stick to move the grass to “FREE THE EEL”, it didn’t work but what we saw was even better. We saw a little fish, a dead bird, and an even bigger eel on the side Miss Ashley and them were on, and a dead rat with maggots eating it. Lopi stood on it because he didn’t know it was dead.  It was very cool because Miss Ashley and them had a bridge on their side made by fallen tree trunks.

After all of the fun we had it was time to go back to school. It was even worse when we walked back then it was when we walked to the creek because it was even more hot and everybody took forever.

It was very cool because when we got to school Miss Ashley showed us what she found. Her and her group found a hibiscus tree at the border of the meadow. I really loved that flower because it reminds me of the tropical islands and Hawaii. They found some old rusty leaves, and some roots. They also found a little green thing that smelt and looked like feijoa. We drank our warm yuk milk which I didn’t drink, wrote notes to write this recount and played wink murder.

At the end of the day everybody was dozing off, but yet enjoyed this awesome adventure we went on. Can’t wait to go next time and hopefully we find even more eels.


I am learning to identify homographs
I am learning to use homographs in a sentence to show the different meanings

I turned back and walked back where I came from.
My back is under my neck and above my legs.
After swimming I had to change out of my wet togs.
The shopkeeper gave me my change which was $2.
The light was very bright so I had to shield my eyes
The Apples in the bag were very light but the oranges were heavy.
The breeze from the wind blew me over the moon.
I was hot so I winded down the window.
I wash my hands in the sink before I eat.
It was very heartbreaking to see the boat sink deep down into the water.
My mum uses the signs on the road to find out where she is going.
My dad had to sign my little brothers enrollment forms.
The drum bass was very loud.
I saw a bass fish swimming in the aquarium.
We went down the hill.
I lay down and put my downed duvet on me.
Some little kids were throwing rocks at our window.
My mum use to rock me to sleep.
I was in the front of the line so I was leading.
That roc was made out of lead.
I hit the ball with my bat and it went far far away.
The bat hung upside down in the cave.
I drank a can of coke.
I can do it!
We stood in rows of 3.
Row, Row, Row your boat.
I put $100 in my bank.
I ran up the bank to the top of the hill.
I had to pay a fine because I got a ticket.
Miss Ashley has very fine hair.

My own Homographs:

I like to wear bows because I like Jojo Siwa.
I gave a bow at the end of my performance.
I usually have a nap in the evenings.
My mum made stuff even between her and the Financial people.
It took me a minute to change my dogs food.
The ant was very minute.
I like to play Cricket in my free time.
I do not like Crickets that much.
I waved goodbye to my family.
Their are very big waves in the sea.