Tuesday, 23 May 2017

WAL how much sugar is in different drinks

Today for inquiry and maths Room 7 done some measuring. Miss Ashley had found some empty bottles/cans and we measured (with a scale) how much sugar is in it by reading the nutritional information on the back. The drink that had the most amount of sugar was the Fresh Up juice with 98.0g of sugar and the least being Fuze tea with 22g of sugar. I was surprised to see that V has 26.5g of sugar in it and the Feijoa fruit drink has 96g of sugar in it. Coca Cola had 27g of sugar which was 0.5g more than the V drink. Here are some photos and the list of drinks we had.
Fuze Tea - 22g
V- 26.5g
Water- 0g
Feijoa Drink- 96g
Fresh Up - 98.0g
E2- 75g
Coca Cola- 27g

My favourite out of these drinks is Coca Cola.

I really enjoyed weighing how much sugar is in drinks and learnt a lot by doing this.

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