Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Kiwisport: Hip Hop

For the next 6/5 weeks our Kiwisport will be Hip Hop. This week was when we got introduced to our hip hop teacher Jasmine and some dance moves,  and also when we learn about the history about hip hop. In this session on Monday I learnt that Hip Hop was made in 1973 in America, New York by the African Americans and Latinos. The African Americans felt repressed so they wanted to express themselves by making Hip Hop. They used social dances to interact with other people. She told us that Hip Hop is made out of 4 things (WHAT?). These 4 things are Dance (Breakdancing), Poetry (Rap/MC), Art (Graffiti), and Music (DJ). She taught us two new words ( BTW we were kind of already familiar with these two words) which were Choreography and Freestyle. Choreography is when you have a natural routine/dance you have to do but Freestyle is when you can do any kind of dance any way you want. After we learnt about the History of Hip Hop we done some warm ups
Doing different kind of exercises in a circle
Jumping Jacks
After we were all warmed up it was time to do the dance moves. These two dance moves are from way back in the days. These two dance moves are called the Smurf and James Brown; Cool names right! 

I really enjoyed learning these two dance moves. At the end of the session we just done some freestyle with her in a circle. I had so much fun in Kiwisport and can't wait for Next week's session.

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