Friday, 23 September 2016

End of term reflection

Reflection for term 3.
This term lots of special occasions happened. One highlight I really enjoyed this term was Tongan language week. I really enjoyed this event because I got to perform and also we were celebrating my culture. One other event I liked was the duffy assembly we had. I enjoyed this event because we got to meet a role model. His name was Myron Simpson. The thing I really enjoyed was winning the kiwi can pizza challenge 3 terms in a row. Next term I am looking forward to winning kiwi can again and also Alamein beating Tripoli, Benghazi, and Tobruk on athletics day. This term I learnt lots of diffrent things. What I really enjoyed learning about was ratios and decimals. I enjoyed learning about this because I really love maths. Hope use enjoy my end of term 3 blog reflection, Bye!

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Blog commenting

Today for my 1st reading task I done blog commenting. Today I commented on 5 different blogs. Here is my proof, Enjoy!

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Duffy Assembly

Today we had a duffy assembly. In the duffy assembly we had a visitor and his name is Myron Simpson. Myron Simpson is a track cycler. He has won 2 medals a gold 1 and a silver 1. Today in the duffy assembly I learnt if you go over 40 kilometers when driving past a school zone you will have to pay $700. I also learnt that everything that a cycler wears is made out of carbon fibre. Another thing I learnt was about the word aerodynamic. Myron Simpson told us that the fastest he has ever went on his bike was 110 kilometers. Myron Simpson is a role model because he does things that people want to do.  He also inspires people that want to do what he does. I really enjoyed this duffy assembly because I got a certificate and a duffy book, I also got to wear Myron Simpsons sunglasses. 

Myron talking to us about his life

Myron showing us how light his bike is

Metui wearing his helmet and silver medal, Gary wearing his gold medal, Me wearing his sunglasses, Chicago wearing his suit.

Chicago on Myron's bike

Me getting my certificate 

All the caught being good people

Tevita, Soane, and Michael sharing their speeches for Fatai

Fatai getting his gift

Thursday, 15 September 2016

A letter from Li Min - Infer and Understand

Ni Hao. Today for reading I read a letter from Li Min. When I had finished reading, I went on to a google drawing where I had to infer and understand the meaning. WALT: Compare and connect ideas. Here is my work, hope use enjoy, Bye.

Friday, 2 September 2016

Ratios - Playdough

Today we made playdough. To make playdough we used ratios. Today I learnt that ratios are consistent. I also learnt that ratios are balanced and that if you change one side you have to do the same to the other.

To make playdough you need:

1) 2 1/4 c of flour
2) 5 table spoons of oil (cooking/canola)
3) 5 drops of food colouring
4) 1 c of water
5) 1/2 a c of salt
Miss Morrison mixing the ingredients

Toma pouring in the oil

Miss M mixing the dough while Toma and Amon pour in the food colouring

Akanesi and her beautiful snowman

The boys being silly!
I had so much fun making playdough. I also enjoyed using ratios to make it. I can't wait to do something cool again with my cool class room.