Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Constable Teina Reflection

Today Constable Teina came into our classroom and taught us about laws and our community. This is what we learnt.

In school we have rules and if we break them to many times we could get expelled, but in the big world we call the rules laws. Laws are made by the government and if you break them you get a penalty. A penalty is like a consequence that you get when you break the law. For example if you rob a house and take something that costs over $1000 you get up to 7 years in prison. Burglary- By the way did you know that burglary is different to robbery, if you didn't you do now. Robbery is where you have a weapon or an extra person helping you to steal the things. It is also when you use another person to help you threaten someone. But Burglary is something different. Burglary is when you break in, when you just pull the door handle and walk in without the owner's permission. Well if you help someone steal from a house (even if it is driving the car) you are helping him steal and you get the same years in jail as him. I think if you are accused of burglary you get up to 10 years here in NZ but in the states you could spend life (life here in nz is 18 years). Sometimes it's just one year. Did you know you can get a fine for just pushing someone over?? Another thing she taught us about was our community. Did you know you can get a fine (I think it was go to jail as well?) if you tag? When you tag and litter in our community other people will come and be like this community is trash and that's how i'm gonna treat it. It's always good to keep our community clean and to do that you need to pick up rubbish you see, don't litter, and don't tag. If you stab someone on accident or purpose you can spend up to 3 1/2 years in jail. What I was really shocked to hear was that there are 5 types of abuse in New Zealand. Domestic, sexual, emotional, physical and neglect. Another thing she explained in the lesson was that if you walk into a shop with a friend and their stealing and you aren't you spend 3 1/2 years in jail. This is called party to the crime. The actual person that stole it spends 7 years in jail and the 3 1/2 years is half of the years. Did you know that Murder is when you kill someone on purpose and manslaughter is when you didn't mean to do it. We learnt many more and you can find out here on Rm7's blog. I enjoyed having this lesson with Constable Teina!

Constable Teina

Yesterday Constable Teina came into Room 7 for our last lesson with her. Room 7 was split up (because Miss Ashley was very sick) so we all had to come back to Room 7. When all of Room 7 was gathered around, Constable Teina gave us a little recap on what we've learnt about. The first week she came in we learnt about respect and how to be a good citizen. The second week she came in we learnt about Laws and rules. Yesterday when she came in we learnt about what you're going to learn about.

First she handed us some masks and showed us how to cut it out. We had to cut out two straps from the outline of the mask and keep it so we can use it as a holder for our mask. Next we cut out the actual mask and then gave it to either Constable Teina or Mrs Fepuleai to staple it. Once this process was done we had to sit on the mat and wait for everybody else to finish; which didn't take long. I know you're wondering what are the masks for but the masks are like lie detectors. Constable Teina read Goldilocks and the 3 bears but in the story she made up lies. For every lie that she told we had to raise our hand with the mask. The lies that were in the story were:
The porridge is weetbix
Mama Bear is Aunty bear
The chairs were ugly
Goldilocks jumped on the bed
and many more that I would list down but I wouldn't because there's many more.

After all of this story telling and raising masks in the air we done some learning. Constable Teina taught us about white lies and sometimes it's okay to lie and sometimes it's not ok to lie. Her example of all of this confusing stuff was for example if my sister was wearing clothes that made her look silly and I lied to her and said yeah you look fine is it okay? My answer is no tell her the truth and even if it hurts her feelings it's better than her going in public and the whole world hurting her feelings. We discussed about white lies and then got into the 4 groups we had on the first session. In my group was Grace, Hevani, & Edith. Our group name is Legvc We sat on a table and Constable Teina handed out some pieces of paper. On this piece of paper had a lie that someone made and we had to write if it was okay or not okay to lie. Some of them were okay but mostly because they were about safety and health.

After all of this learning the last 5 min we learnt about Role Models and how to be a role model. We had a little talk about role models and then got into our same groups, got handed a paper and done the learning. What we had to do was write down who our role model is and then write the qualities and why their our role models.

At the end of the lesson we thanked Constable Teina for coming and she thanked us for listening and behaving while she taught us. I enjoyed having Constable Teina in our classroom and I learnt a lot.

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Matariki! WALT summarise a text!

This week for learning Room 7 has been learning how to summarise a text. My last blogpost is one of my reading tasks and is a current event. This reading task is about Matariki. We had to read all three articles/myths and write 2 summaries about two different myths. Hope you guys enjoy!

Monday, 26 June 2017

WALT summarise a text!

Today I made a current event about Men In Europe protest by wearing skirts. This is my presentation!

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Title: Are cats better pets than dogs or are dogs the real deal?

Talofa Lava everybody. Today I wrote a Persuasive Text on: Are cats better pets than dogs or are dogs the real deal?

The Yellow highlighted words are phrases and sentence starters that will help you get better marks in writing.

The Green highlighted words are headings that I use and get good feedback by other people for it.

The Blue highlighted words are just good words that will not only help your persuasive text but will also help you get higher marks in vocab for you writing.

The Pink/Magenta highlighted punctuation are just different types of punctuation that is good to use for you stories.

Here is my Persuasive Text hope use Enjoy!

Title: Are cats better pets than dogs or are dogs the real deal?

In my opinion I think dogs make better pets than cats and here's why.

Cat’s have sharp nails- In my point of view dogs are better pets than cats because cats get fed up with some people sometimes and when they do they start to scratch the owner. When cats scratch it’s pretty hurtful, but on the other hand some people think that cat’s scratching is better than dogs biting which is absolutely true but why would someone buy/adopt a dog that is very harmful when they know family like to visit. For example, if my cousins and aunty’s like to visit or sleepover why would I buy a pet that will harm/bite them? and if I did adopt a dog that was harmful I would keep them outside in the backyard with a fence to keep them from coming out. Just like when my family had two dogs and my sister was older so the dogs were allowed to stay inside but when I was born they were taken outside; which was really sad for my sister. This is one point on why I think dogs are better pets than dogs.

Jumping around and breaking environment- In my perspective cats like to jump around and when you're not looking they like to jump in places where you don’t want them to, but if you had a dog the dog will just sit somewhere and walk around without breaking anything. For example my friend from Church had a photo of her and her friend. She really cherished this photo and she also had a cat. One night she went to take a shower but when she came out the cat got startled, jumped onto the table where the picture was and the picture just fell and shattered everywhere. My friend was very upset and didn’t want her cat anymore. This is another reason for why Dogs are better pets than Cats!

Quietness and safety-  Some people (mostly old people that live by themselves) buy/adopt a pet to keep the m company and safe. Some people buy/adopt cats but in this situation the top pet on my list is a dog. I think a dog is the best option because when dogs see people that they are not familiar with they like to bark which is really loud but when cats meow
it isn’t very loud. For example my neighbour lives with her daughter and grandkids but when she used to live by herself she adopted a dog for safety reason and every time the dog would bark she would check outside just to make sure everything is fine and safe. On the other hand some think that security lights help better for this situation. Therefore in this situation pets are better because the security light could stop working and it’s just a light what if the owner of the house was sleeping how are they supposed to know that there's someone out side. Also if their sleeping they could use one of their senses which is listen to hear for the dogs bark. This is the last reason for why I think dogs are better pets than cats!

Surely by now you shall understand why Dogs are the real deal when it comes to not being hurt, not breaking any environment, and why dogs are the best options when it comes to safety and if you need someone or even something to play with!

Monday, 19 June 2017

WALT: critically examine food advertisements

This advertisement is selling Milk.
It is trying to persuade me to buy this product by reminding everyone and I that milk is good for your teeth so you should drink it.

Thursday, 15 June 2017

WALT read the temperature on a thermometer!

WALT read the temperature on a thermometer!

IALT: Write a persuasive text on a random topic!

Today Miss Ashley had a cup filled with topics that we were supposed to write about. We had to pick a topic and if it wasn't what you wanted you could swap with someone else. My first one I got was cats are better pets then dogs which I disagree with so I asked Merille to swap and she said no. I asked Joshua to swap and he said yes. I was very happy with the one I got because it was 'Spending to much time on a computer is bad for you!' Here is my persuasive text:

Title: Spending too much time on computers is very bad for you!

In my opinion I think spending too much time on computers is bad for you and I.

Computer screens are very bright and sometimes are too bright for your eyes. In my opinion staring at a computer for too long is bad for your eyesight because computer screens are too bright and when your face is just staring at it, it affects your eyesight. For example if I stared at a computer all night long my eyes will get tired and I will start to get headaches. Staring at a computer will not get you blind but will give you eyestrain and fatigue. This is one point on why I think staring at a computer is bad for you.

I feel that when you spend too much time on computers your brain gets to addicted to playing with it that you just don’t want to do anything else. For example gamers that play roblox spend two hours playing and don’t focus on what’s really happening. Another example is my little brother. My little brother has a phone and always gets distracted from his phone when we do homework because he’s too addicted to playing on his phone and watching things on youtube. That’s why staring at a computer for too long is bad for you.

In my opinion when you play on a computer too long your brain gets addicted to playing on it. For example when you get addicted to playing on the computer you stay up all night looking at a bright screen and not only is it bad for your eyesight it is bad for your brain because you never get any sleep, on the other hand some people think that kids from primary, University students and high school students stay up all night on the computer studying for an exam. But in this situation they aren’t getting any exercise, they aren’t resting, and they aren’t looking after their haoura. This is one of my points on why I think spending too much time on computers is bad for you.

Surely by now you should know why I think staring at a computer is bad for you!

By Lydia Bloomfield

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Rm 8 Reflection!

On Monday 12th of June Room 7 had to go into Room 8 because Miss Ashley had a meeting. We learnt how Coca- Cola was made. I learnt that Coke is 127 years old, it was called coke because it had an type of cocaine in it that made you go crazy and it was removed in 1903, Coke is made out of 86% of water which we could get for free and also is carbonated water, the person who made Coca-Cola was a colonel in the Confederate army and last but not least coke invented the 6 pack aren't you saying wow? (WOW) After all of that learning it was time for a Kahoot Quiz! I really had fun with my neighbours (Rm8) and can't wait to have another fun time with them! 
Here are some photos:

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

We Made Banana Bread!

We Made Banana Bread!

Today in the middle block we made banana bread! First Miss Ashley made me and Hevani go to the staffroom and get some pots and forks. We were like turtles but rabbits at the same time. We found one pot and 4 forks and took it to class. When we walked in the class our group (Grace, Edith) were mashing bananas. We sat down and helped our group. Miss Ashley took Grace out of the classroom and I went with them to the staff room. Me and Grace mounted 3 blocks of butter in the microwave and took it to the classroom. Each group had to pour the butter into the banana mixture bit by bit. I done the butter for my group. Once the butter and banana were all mixed together we went to Miss Ashley and she helped us with the next part. 
  • First Hevani poured 3 cups of flour into the mixture.
  • Then Grace Poured in 1 cup of sugar.
  • After that Miss Ashley added some vanilla extract and baking soda. Edith also cracked one egg into the mixture.
  • Then we chose from white chocolate and dark chocolate and added them in. Me and Edith chose both while Hevani and Grace chose dark chocolate (BORING).
Once we finished adding all of the ingredients it was time for me to mix it all up.

It was all mixed up and we chose to make banana muffins and we put it in the oven. Once it was baked it was time to eat! It was really delicious and it was really filling.

Friday, 9 June 2017

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Fidget spinners are the best!

Why Fidget spinners are the best!

I am for fidget spinners being in classrooms for kids with ADHD and kids that like to fidget with things.

I think they should be allowed in school because it doesn't make noise and it's better then playing with something that does. When you spin it, it doesn't make that much noise unless you don't clean it and it gets rusty. It also is good because it makes less noise than a fidget cube. For example a fidget spinner can't make much noise but a fidget cube has switches and can distract others. This is one reason why I think fidget spinners should be allowed.

Angry, nervous, and other good distractions that a fidget spinner can give you. It helps you when you're nervous and when your stressed, also if your bored and you just want to fidget. For example when your getting a flu shot you could spin it to get your mind of things. This is the last reason of why I think fidget spinners should be allowed in the classroom.

Surley by now you should understand my perspective and what i think about fidget spinners.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Should cell phones be allowed in school.

Today Mrs Sinclair came in to watch us do writing. For writing this term we were learning about persuasive writing. We had a debate today on should cell phones be allowed in school. I was for so that means my answer was yes. Here is a little persuasive writing I wrote.

Title: Cell phones should be allowed in school!

In my opinion I think that cell phones should be allowed in schools because it helps with communication, learning, and it can be safe.

I feel that cell phones could be used for communication in school. Students can call their parents/111 if there's an emergency, on the other hand some think it is not necessary because the office and teachers already contact parents.
For example if there is an emergency and teachers don’t know about it that is when the students come in with their phone. Another example is when Faka’ata went sailing he forgot his togs but if he had a phone he could have contacted his parents to bring it. This is a reason and example of why cell phones should be allowed in school.

I think that cellphones could also be used as a netbook and for learning in school. They could come in handy when netbooks crash down or if their is not enough for everyone, on the other hand students could cheat with the answer sheet but teachers aren’t silly enough to leave it out and some teachers don’t even print it. For example Kordell's netbook had broken and now he doesn’t have one but if he had a phone he could have taken photos of his learning and notes on his phone and do his learning at home. This is another reason of why cell phones should be allowed in school.

Some believe that little and big kids are to immature for phones but I think that it is the parent's responsibility  to know how mature their kids are and if their kids are able to have a phone. It is not the teacher's responsibility to know how mature the student is and whether they are ready for a phone. For example little kids throw their phones around and big kids can bully other people on social media, but on the other hand we learn about Cyber Smart here at TPS and since we are using school wifi teachers can view what we are doing. This is the last reason and example on why I think cell phones should be allowed in school.

Surely by now you should know why I think cell phones should be allowed in school.

Thursday, 1 June 2017