Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Rm 8 Reflection!

On Monday 12th of June Room 7 had to go into Room 8 because Miss Ashley had a meeting. We learnt how Coca- Cola was made. I learnt that Coke is 127 years old, it was called coke because it had an type of cocaine in it that made you go crazy and it was removed in 1903, Coke is made out of 86% of water which we could get for free and also is carbonated water, the person who made Coca-Cola was a colonel in the Confederate army and last but not least coke invented the 6 pack aren't you saying wow? (WOW) After all of that learning it was time for a Kahoot Quiz! I really had fun with my neighbours (Rm8) and can't wait to have another fun time with them! 
Here are some photos:

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