Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Constable Teina

Yesterday Constable Teina came into Room 7 for our last lesson with her. Room 7 was split up (because Miss Ashley was very sick) so we all had to come back to Room 7. When all of Room 7 was gathered around, Constable Teina gave us a little recap on what we've learnt about. The first week she came in we learnt about respect and how to be a good citizen. The second week she came in we learnt about Laws and rules. Yesterday when she came in we learnt about what you're going to learn about.

First she handed us some masks and showed us how to cut it out. We had to cut out two straps from the outline of the mask and keep it so we can use it as a holder for our mask. Next we cut out the actual mask and then gave it to either Constable Teina or Mrs Fepuleai to staple it. Once this process was done we had to sit on the mat and wait for everybody else to finish; which didn't take long. I know you're wondering what are the masks for but the masks are like lie detectors. Constable Teina read Goldilocks and the 3 bears but in the story she made up lies. For every lie that she told we had to raise our hand with the mask. The lies that were in the story were:
The porridge is weetbix
Mama Bear is Aunty bear
The chairs were ugly
Goldilocks jumped on the bed
and many more that I would list down but I wouldn't because there's many more.

After all of this story telling and raising masks in the air we done some learning. Constable Teina taught us about white lies and sometimes it's okay to lie and sometimes it's not ok to lie. Her example of all of this confusing stuff was for example if my sister was wearing clothes that made her look silly and I lied to her and said yeah you look fine is it okay? My answer is no tell her the truth and even if it hurts her feelings it's better than her going in public and the whole world hurting her feelings. We discussed about white lies and then got into the 4 groups we had on the first session. In my group was Grace, Hevani, & Edith. Our group name is Legvc We sat on a table and Constable Teina handed out some pieces of paper. On this piece of paper had a lie that someone made and we had to write if it was okay or not okay to lie. Some of them were okay but mostly because they were about safety and health.

After all of this learning the last 5 min we learnt about Role Models and how to be a role model. We had a little talk about role models and then got into our same groups, got handed a paper and done the learning. What we had to do was write down who our role model is and then write the qualities and why their our role models.

At the end of the lesson we thanked Constable Teina for coming and she thanked us for listening and behaving while she taught us. I enjoyed having Constable Teina in our classroom and I learnt a lot.

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