Tuesday, 31 May 2016

My favorite picture

Today for writing we wrote an information report. Miss Morrison gave us cards and some of us picked a card and the rest had to share with them. The card I was writing an information report about was my favorite picture and why. Here is a google drawing of what I mean. Hope use enjoy! Bye

My Poems

Today for my home work I wrote poems. Hope use enjoy them! Bye!

My Limerick Poem: (Topic) Dogs
My dog loved to climb logs
Me and my family named him Pog
People say he’s cute
And some just put him on mute
But now he’s gone I will have no dog

My Limerick Poem: (Topic) My Dad
My dad likes to play
Sometimes he can complain
But I love him to bits
Even When he tells me sit!
But he’s my dad so I can’t complain!
My Haiku Poem: (Topic) My Mum
My mum is pretty
She is a really good cook
That’s why I love her

My Haiku Poem: (Topic) My Teacher
I love my teacher
Her name is Miss Morrison
She is beautiful!

Character Description - Aunt Alberta from the story 'Awful Auntie'

Hope use enjoy. 
Today for reading we had 9 tasks to do and I chose to do a Character description. In room 8 while we drink our milk our beautiful teacher reads us the story 'Awful Auntie'. This story is about a awful aunt who lives with her niece Stella in Saxby Hall. When you read the story you will find out what happens next...

Skills for living

Today for skills for living we got into a group and shared our symbol and what it meant to us. In my group it was my two best friends Stephney and Grace. I showed my symbol to them and they gave me good feedback.


Today for reading we were writing similies.

We use similes to compare things which are alike.

Complete the following similes with your own ideas.

As quiet as a pindrop.

As noisy as a crying baby.

As blue as the sky.

As black as a bat.

As clever as a teacher.

As happy as a puppy.

As hot as the sun.

As soft as feather.

Make up some interesting similes of your own. Follow the pattern above.

As hard as a rock
As strong as wrestlers.
As pretty as Miss Morrison.
As sticky as peanutbutter.
As fluffy as candy floss .
As yummy as nutella.
As tall as Michael Jordan.
As short as a midget.

Monday, 30 May 2016


Talofa Lava. Today for languages we did a presentation on how to speak in the Samoan language. We did Samoa because it is Samoan language week.  Faamoemoe faaaogaina olioli (Hope use enjoy). Tofa Soifua (Good bye).

Thursday, 26 May 2016

My Maths

Today for maths my class went onto a site. And this site was a little math game all you had to do was add a decimal to make 1 for example 0.1 + 0.9=1 because it is a whole number. Here is a link to the site: Link. My score on my second game was 1200 and here is the proof:

Monday, 23 May 2016

Reading for pleasure writing for leisure

WALT: make reading more exciting for TPS students
Hi There. Today for inquiry my class got a question. The
question was 'How can we make reading more exciting for
students at TPS'. This is a google drawing with some answers I made.
As you can see it says 'online stories' in that sentence and here are some
links to some websites that have stories for all levels (Sunshine online),
(Goodreads). Hope use enjoy!

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Pin Wheels

                                               WALT: make pinwheels
Today for arts and crafts my group got to make Pinwheels for the Market day we will be having next term. Mrs. Sharma was the teacher of the group I was in and she showed us a video of how to make a pinwheel. She made it look easy but trust me it was so hard I was just lucky I had some older students to help me. I had so fun making Pinwheels and I can't wait to do it again next week!

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Mimi and Raru

Kia Ora. For reading my group read a text and my teacher mixed up the photos and we had to put them in order without looking at the story and we also had to write what happened in that picture. The text was about a girl who was drawing monsters in the middle of her class lesson. One night when she was about to go to sleep, she found something on her lap...
WALT: organise material into sequence based on images or clues.

My Limerick

Hi. Today in class for writing me and my class learnt what a Limerick was. A limerick has 5 lines which 1 2 3 also known as A, A, A have to rhyme and 2 and 3 also known as B, B have to rhyme. Here is a presentation of what a Limerick is and one of my own Limerick's. Hope use enjoy, Bye!  

The Big Reveal

                                                      The Big Reveal
This morning all classes went to the hall to find out what the big surprise was. When all classes had been seaton it was time to find out what the surprise was. I was so excited so I sat quietly and watched Miss Nua as she let go of the curtain. When she let go of the curtain I saw 3 teachers who were standing there and wearing pig hats. The 3 teachers were Mrs Manuyag, Mrs Sharma and Mrs Barlow. They showed us a little play of the 3 little pigs based on our inquiry topic "Reading for pleasure, Writing for leisure". I really enjoyed the show also I really enjoyed watching the big bad wolf (Mrs. Kelly). I really enjoyed the show and hope you did to.

What makes you want to write?

Hi. This is a google document of what makes me a better writer. Hope use enjoy my google document! Bye!
WALT: explore what kind of writers we are

Friday, 13 May 2016

My Maths

WALT: use mental strategies to solve two digit and three digit addition problems: using known facts, making tens and compensation.

Hi. Today in class for maths my group was focusing on using mental strategies
to solve our problems. Some of them were really hard but lucky I had my group
to help me. Hope use enjoy my work!!

My Haiku Poem

WALT: write a Haiku Poem confidentially
Kia Ora. Today for writing me and my class were writing Haiku Poems. Haiku
Poems have 3 lines in, one with 5 syllables, the next with 7, and the last with 5.
This was my first time writing a haiku poem so I really enjoyed it. I hope me and
my class will continue to write more Haiku poems.
Hope use enjoy!! Bye.

Thursday, 5 May 2016

ANZAC Presentation

Hi today for reading in my class we read a text. (Here is a link to the text). This text we read was about ANZAC. After we read the text our teacher shared with us a presentation filled with questions about the text. In this text I learnt all kinds of things about the war but I also learnt new words and the meanings of the words, the first new word I came passed was Glorify (the meaning will be in the presentation) and this other word which was Hard ship and that's mostly it hope use enjoy my work.  

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

My blog goal for term 2

I want to blog what I am working on. I need to do this to explain to others what I am learning about. This is me learning to SHARE my work with others.