Tuesday, 31 May 2016

My Poems

Today for my home work I wrote poems. Hope use enjoy them! Bye!

My Limerick Poem: (Topic) Dogs
My dog loved to climb logs
Me and my family named him Pog
People say he’s cute
And some just put him on mute
But now he’s gone I will have no dog

My Limerick Poem: (Topic) My Dad
My dad likes to play
Sometimes he can complain
But I love him to bits
Even When he tells me sit!
But he’s my dad so I can’t complain!
My Haiku Poem: (Topic) My Mum
My mum is pretty
She is a really good cook
That’s why I love her

My Haiku Poem: (Topic) My Teacher
I love my teacher
Her name is Miss Morrison
She is beautiful!

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