Thursday, 31 August 2017

Hobby taster

Bonjour. As you all know we have been focusing on Hobbies, Entertainment, & Leisure. Yesterday Room 7 done a little hobby taster session. We had sewing machines (thanks to Miss Ashley's mum), Legos (thanks to Miss Ashley's mum), Model trains (thanks to Miss Ashley's mum), Hand sewing, and a 3d printing station (Link here). We got to meet Miss Ashley's foster siblings named Kelly and Rebel and they are the two little cutest kids ever!

We got into groups and sat at the station we were doing first. My group was Ariki, Amon, and Coralee. We were doing sewing machine first. Miss Ashley's mum was a bit late so Miss Ashley just told us what to do. First we practiced on paper and tried to sew straight lines and wavy lines. I was quite good for my first time and so focused. It was cool at the sewing machine and I had a great time. One of my cousins loves fashion and recently went to a fashion show, she already has her own design named Inimeg (she's a gemini and inimeg is gemini backwards).

Next I went to hand sewing. Miss Ashley taught us how to sew a button into fabric, how to sew a hole together, and how to sew different kinds of fabric into another. This was  my favourite because my mum and her sisters love to sew and I think this is like passing down the generation. I want to do this more often and this was my favourite session out of all.

Then I went to lego where we just made anything we wanted. I made a 1st 2nd and 3rd placement. First place won a horse, a tree, a car, a couch, a bed, and a dolphin. 2nd won a horse, a little tree, and a boat. 3rd won a horse, a wheel, and a little chair (i'm very weird but creative at the same time). Here is a picture of what I made:
After I went to Model trains. My group built something very simple and is kind of similar to the world we live in. It has roadworks, plants, trees, and people walking around, it also has cars driving around. Here is a picture of what we made:

After that we went to tinkercad. We done that for a little  while but after 15 min it got a little boring so we just played with the kids.

At the end of the day I had a great time and just like to say thanks to Miss Ashley's mum for taking time  out of her day to come and help her daughter with Room 7. I would like to do this again especially hand sewing because that was my favourite out of all.

Here are some photos and to see the rest click

The end!

WALT Summarise a text

Talofa. Today I made a current events for reading. Here it is!

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Motat Trip

Yesterday (Tuesday 29th August 2017) Room 5, 6, 7, & 8 went to Motat. The reason of this trip was learning about what people back in the days done in their leisure time and what they did to entertain.  Room 7's adult supervisors were Miss Ashley, Mrs Liddicoat,  Kelly, Villiami's mum, and Graces mum. We got into our groups and in my group was Suave, Falakika, Joshua, & Fine. Our supervisor was Mrs Liddicoat. After we got into our groups we walked to the bus got in and made sure we were all there.  Miss Ashley gave me an Ipad from Room 3 so I could take photos.

On the bus the boys sang songs but me and Kika just looked outside. I was exhausted, and bored, in my head I was jumping up and down in excitement. After 30 minutes of sitting, and doing nothing we finally arrived to our location, MOTAT; I really just couldn't wait to eat! We got of the bus, walked under a tent, & met our educators Katherine and Faith. They led us into this big white round room that was called the doom. It was echoey inside, "If you have to have a private conversation take it outside because I can hear it from here", mentioned Katherine. After we got told the rules and what not to do Katherine told the adults what our timetable was. After all of this serious talk it was time to go and explore.

I got to experience new things like a rocket launcher, old toys compared to ours, and other stuff like how our country is connected to the globe and the world because of Frances Valintine. Motat was made in 1964 by some people that were really interested in technology and transport. At the end was my favourite part because we got to play with some really cool toys it was kind of like a throwback Tuesday. I played with the elastics, Chatter rings and Rubik cubes. The part that I kind of didn't like was when I found out they busted down the mirror maze and how we missed out on the trampoline.

I enjoyed my visit to Motat and can't wait to go there again!

Friday, 25 August 2017

The light spectrum

 Wassup everyone. Today I finished of my reading task about the light spectrum.

Thursday, 24 August 2017

FLiP Glossary + Photos- Lydia

 Here is my word glossary and some photos from our FLiP session.
Performing on streets or a public place to earn some money for yourself.
Being able to put some money on it and use it until it is fully paid.
Offset as an expense of a taxable income.
To make smaller/less in amount, degree, and size.
An insurance company who will pay some money for your house insurance, car insurance, and contents insurance.
You belongings, and what you own.
What makes you unique and information about yourself.
Money you get paid from work or you earn.
Your culture or a group of common people that come from the same place.
Another word for salary and earnings or an amount of money you get paid on a regular basis
A part of an insurance claim to be paid by the insured.
Allow someone to borrow a belonging of you and them being reliable enough to return it in good condition.
Able to be relied on no matter what.

FLiP part 2- Lydia

Hi again. Thanks for coming back to my blog. Tonight I made another DLO/Recount about our second session with FLiP. This was our last session and I really enjoyed them both. I learnt a lot from Kaitlyn, Abigail, and Tony. Now I know a lot of things that will help me with money when I am older.
 I know to spend money wisely and carefully. 
I know to not be careless with my money. 
I know to shop using vouchers and while there are sales. 
I know to not purchase things where the value isn't fair. 
 I know to buy things that I need and value.

FLiP- Lydia

Kia Ora. On Monday we had our first FLiP session for this year. We got to meet some very cool accountants (one of them were still beginners) and they were our teachers for the lessons. Here is a little DLO/Recount I made about the two lessons. BTW: FLiP stands for Financial Literacy in Primary. Also Abigail, Tony, and Kaitlyn work for a company called PWC. 

Thursday, 17 August 2017


One day Edith and her to granddaughters went for a walk to the garden. Edith was a beautiful old lady that wore maroon glasses.

As they were walking Edith noticed that she didn’t have her glasses with her. She continued to walk and as her granddaughters turned left to the gardens she took a right to the mysterious forest. She walked and noticed that her grandaughters weren’t with her. She looked all over for them. While Hiria and Hevani were looking at the flowers they looked at each other and said, “Where’s our grandma?”. They looked and looked until it was night.

Since they couldn’t find her they called the police and told them that their grandma is missing. “We’re find her we just need to look everywhere”. They got torches and looked so did grandma. Even though grandma couldn’t see she still tried to look. They looked and looked until they bumped into each other. “I was looking for use everywhere”, said grandma, “At least we found each other”, replied Hevani. They went to the gardens and had a great time.

Pak'n'save trip

Today Rm 9, 7, 8, and 10 went to Pak N Save. Rm 9 and 7 went from 12pm to 1pm and Rm 10 & 8 went at 1 til two. I was in Grace's mums group with Auckland, Suave, Lopi, Hevani, & Grace. When we got to Pak'n'save we met Tina a lady who worked for the heart foundation and she took us through what we had to do.


We got a little worksheet we had to fill out. It had milk, Bread, Muesli, Breakfast cereals, & snack food. We had to walk around the whole supermarket and find the products. We had to choose one that is healthier and one that is not healthy. The healthy is one is  the drink/food you should drink/eat everyday and the unhealthy one is what we have to drink/eat sometimes. our first one was milk products and we went from there.


Our second section we went to was snacks. We had to choose out two items from the aisle and write down it's nutrition information. I chose Cruskits cow fat for healthy food and Breakfast crackers for unhealthy. 


We continued to do it until we finished the worksheet. We didn't have enough time to finish the fruits and vegetables but it's fine. Grace's mum bought a packet of picnics and we were so lucky to eat it. It was time to go back to school and as we walked out we saw Rm 8 and Rm 10 pull up.

NZ GEG Student Summit

NZ Geg.

On Friday 11th of August some students at our school went to the Google Geg at Ormiston Primary school. This Google Geg shows us different ways of how technology is useful and also different ways of how to use technology. There were little workshops held in different places of the school/s. Mrs Fepuleai drove a minibus and Miss Kyla and Miss Ashley took their cars.

We got to Ormiston Primary/College and walked inside the school. IT WAS MASSIVE. It looked difficult to get around but we got use to it. We first registered and had the first keynote. We got to meet Riley and her dad. They are young ocean explorers and the dad films under water. It was really cool to meet them.

We got into buddies and my group wanted to go to create a maze game and the rest went to robotics. My group was with Mrs Fepuleai. We walked up to the first floor but when we got there it was full. The max was 25 people but we were too late. So we went to our first breakout session which was held at Ormiston primary and was run by Panmure Bridge. They taught us about Awesome animations. In this workshop I learnt that your presentation doesn't always have to be in words it can be explained in whatever way you want and making your slideshow animated is one of them. After learning how to make it we started to play around and then we left.

Our second breakout session was create your own complex character. This workshop was held in Ormiston college by a school that I do not know of. It didn't involve technology but it did involve your imagination. You had to think of what your characters gonna look like and what's the backstory of your character. We then had to draw it out which was quite challenging but I still tried.

Our last breakout session was one that we really wanted to attend. It was create your own robotic car. It was full by the time we got there so we figured why not go to build a story with legos. This was held in Ormiston primary and was run by Ormiston Primary. In this workshop I learnt that if you put your mind to it your create something very interesting and that's why I did, I turned a race track into a family trip! We played around with the legos for a bit and then packed up. We walked to Ormiston College for the ending keynote.

At the last keynote we met Suan Yeo from Google in Australia. He showed us that when you're stuck ask questions, solve your problems, and think outside of the box. I had a great time at the conference and hopefully we can go again next year.


Thursday, 10 August 2017

Starting a family Tree

Malo E Lelei. Yesterday I read a book called Starting a Family tree written by Shirley Thompson. Here is what I learnt from it

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Haiku Poem: Feelings

In Rm7 we are doing a film study on Inside Out. We first brainstormed what we do when we feel Mad, sad, Happy, scared, and Disgusted. Then we made 5 haiku poems about the feelings. Here are my 5:

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Tip Top

Tip Top Trip!

On Friday 16th of June the Kia Toa (Rm 5 - Rm8) went to the Tip Top Factory!

We got into 8 groups. There were no parents in Rm 5 so Rm 5 got split up into different classes. Rm7’s supervisors that came were Edith’s uncle David, Syraiah Lee’s dad, Kordell’s dad, Joshua’s dad, and the 4 teachers. My supervisor was Edith’s Uncle David. I was so lucky because in the group I was in were all my BEST FRIENDS! (Their names are Grace, Hevani, & Edith). Miss Morrison’s group lead the way down to the buses; we were lucky we had two buses because if not we would’ve had to squash everyone into one bus. The groups all got called name by name and everyone was on the bus. After we made sure off we went.

On the bus ride our group was in the very front, it was a bumpy ride but it was worth it because it was the Tip Top factory we were going to. “Grace, MOVE OVER!” I yelled to Grace, “Look at all the space you have compared to mine” argued Grace, I think most of the time me and Grace just argued and then laughed after. Hevani was being very mature on the bus while the rest of us mucked around. As we turned into the Tip Top entrance Miss Morrison reminded us of who we are, “Hey girls remember use guys are year 6’s so what i’ll be looking for in use are leadership because some groups have to wait a long time for the other group and it takes a long time”, “Yes Miss”, we all replied. After Miss Ashley paid, the bus in front of us almost crashed but we had faith that they could get out of it.

We got of the bus and everybody played on the playground. After a few minutes of playing everybody got called down so the first group could go. We came in 8 different groups but the groups combined into 3 when we had our tour. Mrs Sharma’s classes groups went first on tour, each tour was an hour or 45 min long and while we waited we played at the playground. Their was a slide that was round and blue and everyone pushed and pulled like wrestlers from WWE. ‘Poor thing’  I thought so I climbed up the ladder, walked in front of the line and said, “EVERYBODY PLEASE JUST WAIT YOUR TURN”, some people never listened so what I did to keep everyone from pushing or getting hurt was waiting until one person got of the slide so the next person could go down the slide; by the way this is called good leadership.. I done it until the next group came. When Mrs Sharma’s classes groups had returned Miss Morrison’s group left.

I played some cards with some Rm 7 students, next I played on this type of swing with Hiria, Merielle, and Hevani, after that I watched people play pick up sticks. I done all of this and never knew that it took that long because when I went to play on the actual playground it was (FINALLY) Rm 7’s groups to go. There were a lot of stairs to climb and once we hit the top my legs felt like they were gonna fall of. We walked into a Rm that had toilets, it was where we had to wait for the previous group to come from the tour. About 25 min later Rm 8’s groups came out and the tour lady Paula lead us down to the factory.

First we walked to a place that was very cold (obviously it was outside) and in front of the factory/building was the tip top truck that they used way back and it didn’t have a fridge so they had to deliver the ice cream very fast. But now they have 40 big trucks that do have fridges and can deliver lots of ice cream even if it’s up north. We walked up lot’s of steps and it lead us to a room where it had pictures and buttons we could press. We walked further on and we found this glass room with a cart and it had part of the factory which we could see. This room had a cart and it was the cart that delivered ice blocks/ ice cream on a stick. Paula turned it on and we all got scared. After she turned the cart off we walked into a room that had a glass window with a freezer on the other side. We were allowed to touch it and i’m telling you it was cold. Next we walked on stairs that lead us to this corridor with little pipes on the side. These pipes had Ice Cream smells and we had to guess which one it was. I didn't get most of them right, I guess my sense of smell is bad. In this Room I learnt that 90 cheesecakes are made in 1 min (I think). We saw some more factories and we also saw what chocolate they use to make ice cream with chocolate inside. The bars of Chocolate were very big and they looked very yummy. After that it was time for ICE CREAM!!

We walked into a room that had chairs and other things. The girls got to pick their ice creams first and the boys had to go last. I got the memphis meltdown and it was very delicious. We watched a little short film about the history of tip top and when it was done it was time to go back to school!

I really enjoyed my time at the Tip Top factory and I learnt a lot of interesting things. I can’t wait to go there again in the future.

Kiwisport: Hip Hop

For the next 6/5 weeks our Kiwisport will be Hip Hop. This week was when we got introduced to our hip hop teacher Jasmine and some dance moves,  and also when we learn about the history about hip hop. In this session on Monday I learnt that Hip Hop was made in 1973 in America, New York by the African Americans and Latinos. The African Americans felt repressed so they wanted to express themselves by making Hip Hop. They used social dances to interact with other people. She told us that Hip Hop is made out of 4 things (WHAT?). These 4 things are Dance (Breakdancing), Poetry (Rap/MC), Art (Graffiti), and Music (DJ). She taught us two new words ( BTW we were kind of already familiar with these two words) which were Choreography and Freestyle. Choreography is when you have a natural routine/dance you have to do but Freestyle is when you can do any kind of dance any way you want. After we learnt about the History of Hip Hop we done some warm ups
Doing different kind of exercises in a circle
Jumping Jacks
After we were all warmed up it was time to do the dance moves. These two dance moves are from way back in the days. These two dance moves are called the Smurf and James Brown; Cool names right! 

I really enjoyed learning these two dance moves. At the end of the session we just done some freestyle with her in a circle. I had so much fun in Kiwisport and can't wait for Next week's session.