Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Information report about Roald Dahl

Today for inquiry I finished of my information report DLO about Roald Dahl. In this DLO are 10 interesting facts about the famous author Roald Dahl. Hope use enjoy my information report. Bye!


Today for reading Miss Morrison made a presentation with covers of stories and movies. We had to predict what we thought the book/story may be about. I've already watched some of these movies so it was easy but some of them I haven't seen made it fun. Also like to thank Edith for helping me. Bye!

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Healthy Hobbies

Today for inquiry my class was learning to find healthy hobbies to do in our leisure time.

Monday, 27 June 2016

Word Problems

Good evening. Today for my homework I did some word problems and here they are. Make sure to comment if I got any answers wrong. Good Night.
  1. Steve had 2 bags of 14 marbles . He met a friend and gave him 11 marbles . How many marbles does he have now? I think the answer is 17 because 14-11=3 and 3+14 because there’s still another bag left and that makes 17.

  1. Mike had 4 bags of 16 marbles . A friend gave him 9 more marble
How many marbles does he have now? I think the answer is 73 because 4x16= 64 because 4x6=24 and 4x10=40 and then 24+40=64+9=73.

  1. Paul had 2 bags of 20 marbles . He lost 5 marbles . How many marbles does he have now? I think the answer is 35 because 20+20=40 and 40-5=35.

  1. John had 6 bags of 20 cards . He lost 10 cards . How many cards does he have now? I think the answer is 110 because 6x2=12 and then I just added the 0 and it made 120 then I took away the 10 cards he lost and that made 110.

  1. Steve had 3 boxes of 8 balls . He bought 2 more balls . How many balls does he have now? I think the answer is 26 because 3x8=24 and then 24+2=26.

6.Sam had 2 boxes of 19 balls . A friend gave him 16 more balls .
How many balls does he have now? I think the answer is 54 because 19+19=38 and then 38+16= makes 54 because 38+10=48 and 48+6=54

7. Kevin had 3 boxes of 21 pencils . He lost 12 pencils . How many pencils does he have now? I think the answer is 51 because 3x21=63 because 3x1=3 and then 3x2=6 then I add the 0 and it makes 60 and then I went 60+3=63 and then 63-12 because he lost 12 pencils and it makes 51.

8.Jeremy had 3 boxes of 16 stamps . He met a friend and gave him 9 stamps . How many stamps does he have now? I think the answer is 39 because 3x16=38 because 3x10=30 and 3x6=18 than 30+18=48-9 because he gives 9 to his new friend and that makes 39.

9.Sam had 4 boxes of 8 balls . He bought 6 more balls . How many balls does he have now? I think the answer is 38 because 4x8=32 and 32+6=38.

10.Steve had 6 bags of 3 cards . A friend gave him 2 more cards. How many cards does he have now? I think the answer is 20 because 6x3=18 and 18+2=20.


Malo E Lelei. Today for writing we did a acrostic poem. As use guys know we have been reading the BFG. So our acrostic poem was about the BFG. Hope use guys enjoy my google document about the BFG. Bye!


Kia Ora. Today for reading me and my group were learning to make predictions 
based on titles or images. All we had to do was take a photo of a book we 
haven't read and make a dlo of it, then we had to predict what the book was 
about. I had so much fun doing this and hopefully I get to do it again next time. 
Hope use enjoy my work. Bye!  

Thursday, 23 June 2016

My Story

Bula Vinaka. Today for my homework I wrote a story. This story is about a girl named Jessie. When use read this story please give me some feed back and feed forward. Enjoy. Bye!
Jessie at the Park.
Once there lived a girl named Jessie. She lived with her little brother and her parents in a house near a park. One day her friends came over and asked if she was allowed to go to the park with her. Jessie said that she wasn’t allowed to walk to the park without asking her parents so she went and asked her mum. “Mum am I allowed to go to the park with my friends?” asked Jessie, “sure, but you have to be back before 5” replied her mum. Jessie was so excited and she ran and told her friends so they walked to the park.

As they were walking they saw a few people. “Do you know these people?” asked Jessie “of course we do their or friends, you just don’t know them yet but you’ll like them the second you meet them”. Jessie was worried she was so worried, because she knew her mum would get angry if she was talking to strangers. “Um I gotta get home before 5 so I better shoot of” said Jessie “uh no you don’t you're staying here with us” said one of her friends. Jessie was so scared she wanted to run home but she couldn’t because she was trapped.

“Why you looking so worried?” asked one of her friends, “I’m not” replied Jessie “then come on let’s go” Jessie knew she had to pretend to be like that so she can get home but when she walked along with them she saw some people tagging on the park. “Hey stop it!” yelled Jessie “what are you gonna do?” asked one of the people Jessie knew she should have just kept quiet but she didn’t. They all surrounded her and that was when she was really trapped. “MUMMMM!” yelled Jessie she was hoping that her mum could hear her.

Then she saw a person approaching her and the people. Then she heard a voice “Jessie it’s okay I’m coming!” Jessie was so happy to hear her mum.  When Jessie’s old friends and their friends saw Jessie’s mum they all ran away. “Jessie are you okay?, I was so worried about you” asked her mum “I’m fine mum don’t worry, but that’s the last time I’m ever coming to this park”. They both laughed and walked home. At the end of the day Jessie and her family watched a movie and they all lived happily ever after.

The End!

Tuakana Teina Day

Today in Tuakana Teina we had lot's of fun. Today my buddy class was room 1 and room 2. My buddy was from room 1 and her name is Elisiva. I didn't have my netbook today so me and Siva did some other fun activities. Me and Siva made a book about her teddy bear. In the middle block we got to go to the art room and do some art. I couldn't do any art with Siva because I had to do some filming. After lunch time we all went to room 2 and watched a little bit of Cat and the hat then it was time to go home. I had so much fun in Tuakana Teina and I can't wait to do it next time.

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Free Writing

Kia Ora. Today for writing we did free writing. For free writing I wrote poems and here they are
WALT: Write for leisure
Rainbow’s End makes my stomach go round and when i’m on a ride it makes me go wow. Rainbow’s End rides makes me go dizzy and when it does my hair goes all fizzy. My favorite ride is the fear fall it ain’t small it is tall and it is the best ride out of all.

Riding bikes from ramp to ramp somehow end up near a camp so I run and see a tramp I ran so long I get a cramp, as I run I fall into a river and my clothes get damp.

Edith is my best friend we are bff’s til the end we are both smart and that’s how we blend. No one will end our friendship because it is to precious. Me and Edith like to play and we don’t like to wear dresses.

Raranga Whariki

Tuesday, 21 June 2016


Today for reading we did a Presentation about a book name Reckless. In this Presentation we had to predict about what we thought the book was going to be about. When I read the text I realized that all of my predictions were right. Hopefully use enjoy reading the text and my presentation. Bye!

Monday, 20 June 2016

Writing for leisure

Hi. Today for writing we were learning to write for leisure. Writing for leisure is like when you enjoy writing in your free time and I love to write in my own time. These past 2 terms we have learnt different kinds of writing topics like poetry, narratives, etc. But what I enjoyed learning the most was poetry so I wrote poems today. Hope use enjoy reading my poems and give me some feed back in the comment section. Bye!
WALT: Write for leisure

My Little brother.

My little brother is annoying he likes to play with toys, when he’s asleep he’s cute and when hes awake he needs to mute, sometimes he's mean to me but he just needs to see that as a older sister I’m allowed to say behave mr!
When i’m eating a pie my little brother cries and when I give him a piece he eats the whole thing.

School is cool if it isn’t to you your just a fool. At school we read and we lead. Some people say that we always come last but that’s just because they're jealous of us. Tamaki Primary is the best and yes it’s true we will beat the rest, nobody can beat us we’re the champions we have no time for losers cause we got computers.

Me and Hevani.
Me and Hevani are best friends our friendship will never end. Me and Hevani have our ups and downs and then our friendship goes round and round but we are best friends even in the playground. Me and Hevani are together when ever I got her back and she gots mine that's why we like to waste each others time.

Friday, 17 June 2016

Arts and Crafts

On Wednesday we had arts and crafts and I was in Mrs Manuyag's group. In Mrs Manuyag's group we made Captain America shields. To make the Captain America shields we had to use wool and 3 ice block sticks. These were so hard to make at first but when I got the hang of it I wanted to make more. As I finished of my 1st ever Captain America shield it was time to pack up. I had so much fun making Captain America shields and hopefully next week we get to do it again. Bye!

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Book Review on Crinkum Crankum written by Margraet Mahy

Title: Crinkum-Crankum
Author:Margaret Mahy
What would you rate this book out of 10?

Who are you recommending this book to?
(Other year 5 and 6 students? Tamaki Students? Adults? People who like scary/funny stories?)
People who like scary/funny stories

Who were the main characters in this book?
The tree
The fairy godmother
The witch

What was the theme of the book?
(Was it funny? Was it scary? Did it contain lots of action?)
I think it was weird and funny

What was your favourite part of the book?
Mine was when all the kids

If you had to use 6 words to describe the book what words would they be?
Review written by: Lydia

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Brian Falkner - Lydia

Today a author named Brian Falkner came to our school. At first I couldn't believe he was here and as he started to talk about his books I realized he was just a normal human being that wrote stories. Brian Falkner talked about his books and what happened in the story.  Brian Falkner taught us many many things and his book Brain Jack. What I enjoyed learning was S T O R Y. S was for setting, T was for character, O was for obstacles (which is like a problem), R was for reach and Y was for your goal. I think that, that was the most important thing I needed to know if I wanted to write a story. I had so much fun listening to Brian Falkner's story about his life as a author but I also had fun beating room 7 and 6 at a Brian Falkner Book Challenge (not to brag but it's true). By the way the Brian Falkner Challenge is when Brian Falkner put up some sentences from a story and we have to guess the title of the book. I had so much fun and I can't wait till next time.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

My Favorite park

Yesterday for writing we did a writing explosion. We had 3 pictures and I chose the one where I had to describe my favorite park. I know frozen is a little bit of a kids thing but I am a kid and I love children that are younger then me and yeah. Make sure to give me some feedback in the comment section. Hope use enjoy reading my story! Bye!
Name: Lydia

Words to describe the Park:
  • Fun
  • Frozen
  • Colorful

Words to describe the water:
  • It is clean water

Words to describe the Theme:
  • The theme is the movie Frozen

My Story starts here:
*The Perfect park for me would have a frozen theme. It will have a water slide with Olaf jumping up and saying surprise when you reach the end and it will have a sandpit with snowflake shapes on it.

This park would take place in Canada because in Canada it snows. My park would have a swing with little snow flakes falling down from the top of the swing. I chose Frozen to be the theme because this is a park for little kids mostly little girls and I have a little cousin who loves the movie so much so this will be like a little gift for those little girls who like Olaf, Anna, and the Queen Elsa.

A part of this park would be a little part about Kristoff and his reindeer also Olaf. I would want this bit because I want to make it fair for the boys because I don't want little girls having fun and the boys on the side just sitting there NO! I might even have Frozone on it because he is a superhero and he freezes bad people (I think).

This park would have so much park related stuff that is so fun for children to play on and if any of use find my favourite park try find me.

Wednesday, 8 June 2016


Today in class for inquiry we were researching about Matariki. Matariki is a traditional Maori new year. Hope use enjoy my DLO about Matariki.

Perimeter and Area

Today for maths we were learning about a Perimeter and a Area. Mrs Manuyag said that the easiest way to find out the differences between a Perimeter and a Area is by imagining yourself in a race and if it was a Perimeter I would run outside of the field and if it was the inside our caretaker would be mowing the lawn on the field and that would be a Area. I also learnt that if you are using a Perimeter you are adding and if you are using a Area you will be using multiplication. One other thing I learnt in this session was that if you use Multiplication as a strategy for your equation you the put a little small 2 at the end (by the way it doesn't work with everything but it does work with Perimeter and Area) and that means squared. Hope use enjoy this little presentation! 


Next week a Author named Brian Falkner will be coming to our school.
In our class we thought it will be embarrassing if he will come into our school
and say ¨why am I here if non of use have read any of my books?¨. So we
wanted to read one of his books.

Wednesday, 1 June 2016


Yesterday for maths we were doing measuring. Our teacher Miss Morrison gave us things to measure like our foot and our index finger. I really had fun measuring so why don't you give it a try. 
Good luck!

My Favourite party

Hi guys. Today I made a information report about my favourite party, what we did, what we ate, and why we celebrated it. I had a very fun time. Just can't wait to do it with room 8.

Current Events - Samoan Language week

Today for reading room 8 did a current event. I picked an article and that article was about The Samoan language week. I learnt that Le Gagana Samoa is the third most widely spoken language in New Zealand, behind English and Maori. Hope use enjoy! Tofa Soifua