Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Reflection 2017- Lydia

Hi. It is the last week of school 2017 and today everyone in my class done a reflection here t is:

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Room 4 @ Tamaki Primary School: Ocean's Talo

 Go check out this awesome movie that room 4 has made. They have rewritten Siones Talo by Lino Nelisi and it is so FUNNY!

Room 4 @ Tamaki Primary School: Ocean's Talo: Kia ora, Malo e lelei, Talofa lava and Kamusta Have you ever tried to pull Taro out from the ground? Room 4 will show you how hard ...

Thursday, 26 October 2017

Yoga Challenge 2.0

Today 26th of October 2017

This morning Room 7 done something cool for writing. This term we have our writing test and it will be on recounts, so lately we have been doing really fun things to write recounts about. On Tuesday we done a partner yoga challenge which was really cool and easy (a bit) but today we done the yoga challenge 2.0 (which was a lot harder). “So today we will be doing the yoga challenge and i’m going to be honest with you, I saw some of these poses  and I am not good at this”, explained Miss Fepuleai, I didn’t have a buddy so I just took photos.

Miss Fepuleai showed us the first pose and I was like in my head, “Hard luck Room 7”  it was really funny to know that everybody struggled to do the pose while I just stood around taking photos. On the third or fourth pose Kika came and she became my buddy. It was difficult on the first few poses but then as we got more and more into the activity it got harder and even more harder especially the poses where you had to lean on each other and carry other people. Between each pose Miss Fepuleai would tell us to, “Inhale, Exhale,” and then she would  greet us with, “Namaste”.

The pose I found the hardest was most of them but the easiest was where two people had to put their knees out while someone does a handstand on their knees (it sounds hard but it actually is easy), this was my favourite pose to.

I really enjoyed the yoga challenge 2.0 and I hope there is an easier one in the future!

The end

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Yoga Challenge

Yesterday Room 7, Room 8, and Room 2 done the yoga  challenge but separately. Here is my recount:

Tuesday 24th of October 2017
Partner Yoga Challenge!

All students in Room 7 cried and cried to have P.E (Physical Education) on Tuesday afternoon but “NO!” was Miss Ashley’s answer she told us, “It’s not your normal P.E but it’s something active, you have one minute to make this room spotless, GO!”

After the room was clean everyone came down to the mat and looked up at Miss Ashley. I kept on wondering what we were doing “I think we’re doing board games, YAY!” I thought in my head. Miss Ashley casted her laptop to the T.V and it showed up in big bald words “Partner Yoga!” everyone was so confused and just looked at Miss Ashley like “what are we doing?” Miss Ashley explained to us that “use have to find a buddy and use have to be the same gender because this activity involves a lot of touching”, it was for our own safety. In the next five minutes Miss Ashley had two lines of students waiting for the next explanation.

Miss Ashley pressed the arrow button on her laptop and it showed a picture of two people sitting across from each other folding their legs, holding each other's hands, and looking up. I yelled out,
“Miss we can’t do this we’re not that flexible!”
“You don’t have to be flexible to do this”, she replied
“Ohhh, What,” whined Room 7.
It was getting so boisterous Miss Ashley couldn’t hear herself think and she was frustrated, “BE QUIET AND LET ME EXPLAIN!” she yelled, everyone went silent, “In your buddies make this position”, she explained, not even two minutes in everyone got up and done the first position while Stanley and Kika came around and took photos. The beginning poses were easy but it got harder and harder (we had to sit on feet hands and we weren’t standing upright!) On some of the poses I had to make sure that Hevani had balance and so did I but we still crumbled to the floor. Miss Ashley came and meticulously put my feet on Hevani’s feet.

After each pose we would come to the mat and Miss Ashley would repeat, “Inhale, Exhale”. Miss Ashley would use her hand to guide us. We were used to it so after our photo was taken we’d just sit down in buddies and breathe in through our nose and out from our mouth.

My favourite pose was the superman where your partner has her/his feet on your stomach and they lift you up into the air it was hilarious. The hardest one was the last where you had to do a handstand and put your leg on your partner's leg while he/she is doing the bridge. The easiest was the first because well we just sat down, extended our hands out and looked up.

I had so much fun doing this yoga challenge and I hope we can do it again(maybe tomorrow or today??) in the future.

Here are some photos:

My favourite pose :D

The hardest Pose :(

The easiest Pose :)

Friday, 20 October 2017

Mona Lisa practice test!

Welcome back guys.Today for reading room 7 done a fake practice test about Mona Lisa (a year 7 & 8 story)and here it is


Thursday, 28 September 2017

Ako Evening Term 3

Yesterday we had an ako evening to show our parents the four hobbies we have been learning about. They are: Games, Sketching, Sewing, and Hip Hop. We got into groups and I chose  to write about Games.

This is our display board.


And More Elastics

Hevani & her Dad playing with the chatter rings.

Here are  some other display boards and their work:

It was really cool to see all family's participate in this Ako evening. I had so much more and I can't wait for more to come in the future!

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Facts about Space- T6

Talofa Everyone! Today I made task 6! This task is about how the Earth moves and how it tilts when it rotates, that is how seasons are made it is a pattern.