Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Facts about Space- T3

Namaste everyone. This evening I finished task three of for my homework and here it is:

Facts about Space- T2

Hi. Today I finished of task two. There are two parts of task two  and here they are:

Part two:

Name of the planet
description of the planet
Which direction does it spin?
How long does it take to go around the sun one time? (How long is one year on this planet?)
How long does this planet take to rotate once? (How long is one day on this planet?)
How much smaller/bigger is this planet than Earth? (Only if you can find out, don’t stress!)
Second hottest planet, 1 year = 88 Earth days, smallest planet
Counter clockwise
58 days
58days 15 hours, 30 minutes
Hottest planet, second closest to the sun, brightest planet in the solar system, and is too hot for anyone.
Counter clockwise
243 days
116 days, 18 hours 0 minutes
Planet we live on, third planet from the sun, only planet with organic life.
Counter clockwise
24 hours
24 hours
Red in colour, fourth planet from the sun, has the highest mountain in the whole solar system named Olympic Mons.
Counter clockwise
24 hours 37 minutes
24 hours 40 minutes
Covered in clouds, fifth planet from the sun, giant red spots is a raging storm, and in size it’s the bigger one.
Counter clockwise
9 hour 55 minutes
9 hours 56 minutes
Brown in colour, sixth planet from the sun, outer rings are extremely thin they are made from dust and icy chunks.
10 hours 35 minutes
10 hours 42 minutes
Blue in colour, seventh planet from the sun, humans call Uranus the icy planet because it’s the coldest one.
Counter clockwise
17 hours
17 hours 14 minutes
Blue in colour, eighth planet from the sun, to  many storms in it’s atmosphere and is the furthest from the sun.
Counter clockwise
16 hours
16 hours 6 minutes

Best Friends to the rescue!

Today I made a narrative. Narratives are made up stories! My story is about to best friends named Ashley and Sarah Morrison. They lived in a beach house and  when they were swimming the saw something floating... Can you guess what it is, read my story and find out!

Once upon a time lived  beautiful young lady named Miss Morrison; well that was her nickname her real name was Sarah Morrison. She lived in a beach house with her best friend Ashley (her nickname was either Ash or weirdo because she done really weird things) . They always would do things together, they were  their for each other from day one. Ashley is older by five months and ever since then they’ve become sisters. Miss Morrison is the clown and Ash is again the weirdo.
One day Miss Morrison and Ash got  ready to go to the beach. “You ready?” asked Ash, “I was born ready!” answered Miss Morrison. They walked out of the beach house, “Hey Noah”,  said Miss Morrison  waving at the lifeguard. Noah was the lifeguard he sat on his chair waiting for someone to drown so he could help them (which didn’t really happen most of the time but he still got paid). Ash and  Miss Morrison strolled towards the blue ocean looking at all the people around them. Miss Morrison ran towards the ocean and fell into the water, “HAHAHA! YOU FELL!” laughed Ash. Miss Morrison the seaweed at Ash and waded away. Ash ran in as well but  she dived instead of jumping she looked like a mermaid. Miss Morrison and  Ash swam away and just talked and talked. They saw people swimming and some people on boats they were use to this environment and they  never thought they’d  be living in the  nicest beach house ever. As they were talking Miss Morrison saw something, “Hey what’s that?” she asked, “It looks like someone floating”, she added on, “OH MY GOSH SOMEONE IS DROWNING!”  they both yelled. Noah was too far away and they couldn’t yell that loud. “We can’t yell to Noah, we just have to save the person!” explained  Ash, they both ran as fast as they could towards the person and Miss Morrison picked her up. Ash tried her best to splash the water back so it was easier for Miss Morrison (it was really helpful).
They finally got out of the water. Ash sprinted as fast as she could towards Noah and told him about the girl. Noah and Ash ran to the girl. “Put her on the sand and i’ll do C.P.R on her.” Miss Morrison moved to the side while Noah put both of his hands on the girl's chest and pressed hard. The girl coughed and coughed. SPLOOSH! Out came water  lots of water. “Thankyou so much Noah I appreciate what you have done for me. You saved my life!” said the girl, “You're welcome Isabelle but I think you should thank these two young beautiful girls they're the ones who saved you!” said  Noah as he pointed to Miss Morrison and  Ash. “Thankyou so much use two, come over  for dinner tonight  we will be having some sushi!” said Isabelle. The two girls said yes and lather that night they were all dressed and ready to go. They became best friends and lived happily ever after!  As for Ash and Miss Morrison they were on the newspaper with the headline being: Best Friends to the rescue!

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Facts about Space- P1

In week 9 and 10 we will be learning about space. We have different tasks to do and this is my first task!

Zoo Trip!

Yesterday Room 4, 5, 6, 7, & 8 went to the zoo. We went to the zoo because it is part of our inquiry topic Leisure and Entertainment. I really enjoyed my time at the zoo because I got to see some new animals. My favourite part of our trip was all the animals I got to see like the squirrel monkey and the facts I got to learn about. My least favourite part of the trip was when I found out that the hippo had died :( I had lots of fun and can't wait to visit the animals again in the future!

Friday, 15 September 2017

Giraffes presentation!

Kia Ora. This term our inquiry topic has been about entertainment and leisure. Back in the day animals were used for entertainment but now it is illegal. These past 2 weeks Hiria & I have been researching about Giraffes. Here is our presentation:

This is our animal: Giraffes. Giraffes are very special animals because they have very long necks and they are the tallest living terrestrial animals. The scientific name for Giraffes is Giraffa. They live in Africa in the Savanna which is the South of the Sahara desert. Giraffes naturally have black tongues to keep them from getting sunburnt but in the movie madagascar the giraffe has a pink tongue (weird right?) Male adult Giraffe's usually grow to 5-6 m and female grow about 4.6m, their legs are taller than most of us. They have 9 subspecies in total.

Giraffes roam freely on the Savanna with trees surrounding them. Male giraffes like to play fight with their horns, while female giraffes walk around with their babies. Since they live with other giraffes they like to walk in groups. They walk with two legs to one side and the other two to the another, it’s like us marching.

Giraffes are very tall but they cannot reach taller brachers that are taller than them.Giraffes mostly stretch their long neck to get ahead of the leaves. Giraffes have spots much like human fingerprints. No two individual giraffes have exactly the same pattern. Both male and female giraffes have two distinct, hair-covered horns called ossicones. Male Giraffes use their horns to sometimes fight with other males.

Female giraffes give birth standing up just like female cows do. They are pregnant for 14 months and have one baby calf at a time

It is very sad for the giraffes being eaten by lions it is so weird well they are so small and they are so tall it’s not good because giraffes don’t eat animals so why will animals eat them? Giraffes only eat leaves not meat not animals I guess lions like to hunt for animals and can’t get the nice smell of giraffe but on this movie madagascar there is a lion he is not like real lions he is so nice he doesn't even eat other animals, probably because it’s a movie,a kids movie.

Giraffes can get many different diseases and illnesses. These can range from a number of different skin conditions, brain conditions and nutritional conditions. They can get skin diseases, this affects their legs when they walk because it get itchy and they start to get scabies.

It was sad because 8 times Zoos Were Bad for Giraffes. Giraffes Belong in the wild, not in enclosures with many hazards that can cause these curious animals to become injured.Zoos like to claim that breeding giraffes helps to sustain the population.Giraffes have simple life’s in wild but in zoos it’s kind of different to wild like no lions hunting for them and all different different.

Monday, 11 September 2017

WALT: edit a text to make it better

WALT: edit a text to make it better

The Pied Piper- Lydia

The town of Hamelin was a really outstanding town. A bunch of people lived there and it was as colourful as the rainbow!

Unfortunately, they found out that the town was suffering from a horrible plague of rats. The town council tried everything to get rid of them, but couldn’t. At last, the mayor promised a big prize to anybody who could get rid of all the rats

One night a suspicious looking stranger dressed in bright clothes arrived in town. He assumed he could get rid of all the rats in hamelin. He was wearing a big hat and long coat. That night, the stranger started to play a tune on his flute. All the rats came out of the houses, buildings, and into the river, where they drowned and died.

The mayor would not pay the Piper because he thought that playing a flute was not good enough to get a reward. The Piper was disappointed because he did get rid of the rats and the mayor did promise, “I will give a prize to the person who get’s rid of the rats”, and that’s what Piper done. The Mayor commended for the Piper to leave Hamelin and never come back.

Then one day the Piper came back disobeying the mayor, and started to play his flute. This time, all the children followed him, and he left the village towards the Slippery mountains. Suddenly, a cave opened in the mountain and the Piper with all the children went in. The cave closed behind them and the children were never seen again in Hamelin.