Saturday, 23 June 2018

PNG (Papua New Guinea) Winning!

PNG (Papua New Guinea) Winning!

Talofa Lava and welcome to my blog! At the moment the score of the Fiji vs PNG NRL game is 26 - 4! PNG is winning which is not good because my mum and I are wanting FIJI to win! It is half time and we know that in the second half, Fiji will come back stronger and will WIN this game! 
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MMT vs Toa Samoa NRL!!

MMT vs Toa Samoa NRL!!IALT: talk about the NRL game tonight!
Malo e Lelei and welcome to my blog! Tonight is the night where Mate Ma'a Tonga vs Toa Samoa in NRL! This game is in Australia and is going to start after the Fiji vs Papua New Guinea that is happening right now! My family and I are ready to support MMT which will be the WINNER of today's game! Woohoo!
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Friday, 22 June 2018

Might not be going school today!

Might not be going school today!
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Malo e Lelei and welcome to my blog! Yesterday something happened to my ankle which means I either sprained it, injured it or done something to it to make it feel in pain! This morning I woke up and walked around on it and I felt fine but I still have to check and wait because I might have to go doctors.

This means I might... not... be able to... GO SCHOOL TODAY!!!!! NO.
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Good Morning!

Good Morning!
Kia Orana everyone! 
Image result for tgif gifDid you guys have a good sleep? I did! Was it warm? YES! Are you excited that it's Friday? Of COURSE!!!

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I would just like to say Good Morning! I hope you guys all had a wonderful sleep to wake up to a very cold morning! Make sure to have a wonderful day at school, work, or whatever you are doing today! Bye!

Wednesday, 20 June 2018


IALT: talk about what I learnt about Matariki yesterday!
Kia Ora and welcome to my blog! Today I will be sharing with you guys a little explanation of what I learnt about Matariki yesterday! 
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There are so many different stories of how Matariki was made. One story is when Tane Mahuta separated his parents, Ranginui and Papatuanuku, Tawhirimatea was the only son that was angry and sad and when he was crying he threw his tears to the sky, and people believe that this is how the 7 stars of Matariki were made.
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After lunch time Ms Komor took her group (which I was in) to room 9 and we talked about Matariki. We got into 7 groups of three and in my group was Hevani and Stephney! The topic that we were learning about was the stars of Matariki! We read an article and wrote down on a document all the things we know about the stars of Matariki! 

From this, I learnt that Ururangi is the youngest star and Tupu-a-Nuku is the oldest! One improvement goal for me is to focus more on my work then talk all the time.

One thing I enjoyed from this, was getting to know more about a holiday that is not really familiar with me! I didn't really enjoy how it was getting to loud and it was a bit hard for me to focus!

I enjoyed learning more about Matariki, and I hope we learn more today!

Thank you for reading, Bye :)

Tai Chi reflection - T2W8

Tai Chi reflection - T2W8
IALT: reflect on what I learnt at Tai Chi!
Malo e Lelei and welcome to my blog. Today I will be sharing with you guys a reflection I made about Tai Chi today! As you guys know, the girls have their Tai Chi session with Mr Gordon while the boys have their well being program. 
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Today in Tai Chi I really enjoyed it because it helped me feel better and happier because this morning I was going through a rough time!  In every Tai Chi lesson we always talk about certain things and we always go around the circle and talk about our positive comment, negative comment, and random act of kindness!
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This morning after Ms Komor done the roll and checked our blogs, the girls got ready to go to Tai Chi. We walked in the hall and got into our four lines. We done all our moves including the Tiger and Crane, and then we got a chair and talked about how we are!

For this weeks positive comment, negative comment, and random act of kindness, my positive comment was my Little cousin's 1st birthday celebration!, my negative comment was that on Sunday my two cousins Lily and Cedric left to Australia and I didn't get to say bye, and my random act of kindness was cleaning my room and doing the dishes!

Here is my reflection!
One thing I learnt from this lesson was to always trust my instincts and always be sure to stay safe when around strangers especially if i'm by myself! Mr Gordon told us many stories of how girls constantly get abducted from really big guys and a threatened to tell people about it! I also learnt that having the will to do something and being brave to own up for something you did is better than getting caught by police, and risking your life for something that would've ended better if you had been brave to do something! I think this is important because the outcome is way better!

I think yelling the word "STRANGER! HELP!" is one thing that will help me and my mates during the day especially if we're together in the weekends because you never know someone can just come up to you and do who knows what to you! These words will gather someone's attention and there is a possibility that this person will come and help you! 

The most powerful thing I learnt during today's lesson is when Mr Gordon explained how a girl was walking by herself and 2 grown men just took her in their car and done horrible things to her. This was so powerful because after this incident she was mentally hurt and she can't talk properly do things properly all because of two men who abducted her! This taught me to always be aware of my surroundings and always stay safe!

Today's power word is Courage! This means to have the will to do something and also be brave because the outcome of you doing something bad and being brave enough to own up for it, is better than risking your life and dying!

If I were to give myself a compliment it would be "Good job in doing the Tiger Crane! For something very difficult you done it very well - Lydia" 
Question of the blog: Have you ever had the courage to do something? What was it?

I really ENJOYED today's lesson because it taught me a lot of things about staying safe! I can't wait for next week's lesson and I hope it would be just as good as this one!

Thank you for reading, Bye :)

My Little Cousin's 1st Birthday Celebration!!

My Little Cousin's 1st Birthday Celebration!!
IALT: reflect on my cousins first birthday!
Bula Vinaka and welcome to my blog! Last week Thursday, which was the 14th of June, it was my cousin's first birthday! They done him a cake and everything but the big celebration was on Saturday!! We were going to the Chipmunks in Pakuranga and this was my first time going there!
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My mum and I went to the Warehouse on Friday/Thursday and bought me an outfit to wear. We bought me a black and white striped, cold shoulder tee shirt/dress and some black tights to go with it! I loved this outfit and would love to wear it again! My mum straightened my hair on Saturday afternoon and we got ready to leave at 5:00pm, we left about 45 minutes late because my dad was a bit sleepy! 
A I made when I was ready.

When we got their me and my little brother walked in with our present and put it on the table where all the presents were, I then hugged and said hi to all my cousins and relatives I saw! I started playing with one of my cousins named Vika and we went on the long slide together, the slide gave me butterflies but it was so FUN!!

It was time to eat and I sat on a table with Marilyn, Cedric, and my cousin Meli! We got a pizza box and some oreos but I wasn't full so I got me a plate, went to the adults food and got me some crab salad, chop suey, one piece of bread, and also my favourite FRIED RICE!!! I went back to my table and no one was there so I moved and sat next to my other cousins which are Vaiola, Lily, Mele, and Maletina. We ate and laughed together and once we were done eating we started playing with some boys which are Alfonzo, Lorenzo, Kemo, and many more kids! 

I had so much fun that night except for the bit when I started feeling sick because I think I ate to much and then played WAY to much. I felt alright later and I also went to Vaiola's house because there was an after party and also a farewell at my aunties house because her and my two cousins Lily and Cedric were leaving to Australia the next day! 

I had so much fun on the weekend and I hope you did to! Make sure to give me some feedback and feedforward on how I can improve on my learning. Malo Aupito, Bye :)