Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Storytelling DLO

Good afternoon! This afternoon made a DLO about what I know about Storytelling. I have learnt a ton of things and have enjoyed learning about it. Storytelling is a creative way of explaining a story and there are many ways to do that. Here is my DLO, Hope yous enjoy! 

Growth Mindset Quote

Hello. Today I started working on my Growth mindset bubble. In this bubble it is my favourite quote that I got from Google images. I like this quote because sometimes I always try to be perfect and reading this quote helps me just be myself!

Te Tuhi- Reflection

Today part of the Kia Manawanui syndicate went to the Te Tuhi
art gallery in Pakuranga.
Our guide was Salome.  

At Te tuhi I learnt about two artists from Wellington there
names are Shannon Te Ao and Gary Peters.
Shannon Te Ao is an artist and his art is about ‘With
the sun aglow,
I have my pensive moods,’
In his art room it is very dark it is almost pitch black,
and when you walk inside you will see a big flat screen.
This screen shows images/videos
about Shannon's hometown Wellington.

Image result for shannon te ao art

Gary Peters is another artist from Wellington and his art
pieces are inspired by the space and object in his presentation
One of his art pieces are inspired by his ventilation in his room.
On one of his walls he painted it blue.
Image result for gary peters art te tuhi

Next time I attend Te Tuhi I would like to spend more time on
the script and acting in our role play.
I think if I do take more time on this the actors/group would
be able to understand more about the play.

One thing that Salome done that I enjoyed was she always
explained what was there like for example she didn't just say
'Oh yeah so this is a blue wall', she went in depth with her
explanation so we could understand what she was actually
talking about. 'So this painting is
painted from an artist named Gary Peters,
his paintings are inspired from the space in his
presentation room', that's how she explained it and I
think that is very good.

Something that I learnt from Te Tuhi that I can share with my
school is
that you can tell a story in many ways
such as painting, singing, writing, etc. I also learnt that you
don't have to
be shy when you are around people you can always be
safe around them and you can always express your
feelings when you are around

I enjoyed my visit to the Te Tuhi art gallery and can't wait
to go there

Kiwisport and P.E Session- Reflection

Today the Kia Manawanui syndicate had kiwisport. We got into our homegroups and homegroup one went with Ms. Aireen to kiwisport while homegroup 2 went with Ms. Komor to P.E.
I'm in homegroup one so I was with Miss Aireen.

We strolled to the top court and met our coach his name is Pete. While standing on the top court I looked around and saw Tennis rackets, Tennis balls, and the net. I knew immedietly we were playing Tennis! Pete wanted all of us to get into peers and so we did my buddy was Amon. We had to stay in these peers the whole session.
I learnt how to grip the racket and hit the ball with it. There is a starting position where you have to hold the racket up in front of you with both hands. Next you have to hit where ever the ball is coming, for example: if Amon through the ball to my right I would put my left leg out and hit with my right hand you would do the same with the left hand and right leg. I also learnt how to hit the ball.

I think next time I can improve on hitting the ball slower because today I hit it to hard and Amon had to keep on running after the ball.

I think I was good of keeping my eye on the ball and where it was coming from. I was able to hit the ball and aim it exactly at Amon.

In P.E we were doing softball skills. Miss Aireen put us into groups and she told us to spread out and get into a circle. In my group was Constance, Amon, Patience, and Mahara. She next threw each group a ball and explained what we had to do next, "So, in your circle you are going to practice your under arm throws, GO!" we all started throwing the ball to each other and we all done very good. 

Next she told us to do over arm throws and so we did. We also had to practice calling out the names of the people we were throwing the ball to.

After that we had to get into a new group and stand in a line, next we had to split into groups of three. We stood opposite sides from each other and faced each other. In this warm up we had to practice catching with a mit. I had fun in the warmups they were all very good!

After the warmups we started to play some Softball! First Ms. Aireen started to bat and she tried to hit it high and far so we can try and catch (she was hitting the ball and it went high, but it just needed to go a bit farther), she didn't want to bat no more so she got me to hit. When I hit the ball I had to run to base one and so on. 

Ms. Aireen got different people to bat and once everyone got there two turns it was time to go back to class. I had so much fun in the morning block and can't wait for next week's session!

Waka of Strengths

Hello guys! Today I was working on my Waka of strengths. In this DLO it shows you two of my main strengths and why they are important to me.

Link to task

Tuesday, 13 February 2018


Today I done a DLO on Hauora. Hauora is the 4 walls of your well being. There is Physical, Mental, Spiritual, and Family/social.

Who Am I?

Hello. Today we got to meet Kelly's son Tony. We learnt about Who am I? Here is my DLO of my reflection for the Who Am I? Session: