Tuesday, 22 May 2018

How does day and night happen?

How does day and night happen?
IALT: explain to my audience how day and night happens.
Namaste and welcome to my blog. Today I will be explaining to you all how day and night really happens!
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In these past few weeks, the Kia Manawanui syndicate have been writing an explanation writing about how day and night happens. I have finished my story and I have edited etc.

Here is my DLO that explains how day and night happens!
I found thinking of main ideas and ideas to put into the different paragraphs challenging because I wasn't quick to think of something to put into SUN or MOON etc.

I had fun writing this explanation story and I learnt a lot about day and night! I find explanation writing helpful because I believe that when I need to learn about something or I am stuck on something I could just go to my drive and search for that subject to give me some understanding about the topic! 

Make sure to give me some feedback and feedforward about this blog! I hope you have learnt something about how day and night happens! Bye!

Thursday, 17 May 2018


IALT: talk about what is going to happen at CAMP RAGLAN!
Malo E Lelei and welcome to my blog! Tonight I will be blogging about what we are going to be doing at camp raglan!

In week 5 (which is in 2 weeks) the year 7 and 8's will be going to Camp Raglan which is 2.5 hours away from Auckland! 

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At Camp Raglan we will be doing tons of activities such as:

Before we actually go to camp, we will be going to Waingaro hot springs! 
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I am looking forward to go to camp! This would be my first ever time going to camp Ragland and actually camping in general! 
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Bye :) 
Make sure to give me some feedback and feedforward! :)

Technology T2W3

Technology T2W3
IALT: reflect on what we done at technology today!
Talofa lava and welcome to my blog! Today I will be writing a reflection about technology! Right now I am waiting for my box to be made so I thought while I wait I will make a blog about it!

If you don't know, I am in hard materials with Mr Grundy in technology! Next week will be our last week with him and then we will move on to GRAPHICS! 

Anywho, in hard materials we have been making pewter pendants! 
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I have chosen to make one for my dad and the shape I chose to do was a cross! I made a cross for my dad because he loves going to church and was born and raised as a christian man!
Moving on, I finished my cast 2 weeks ago and recently I have been working on my workbook! The reason why the workbook is so important is because it gives you marks and the more marks you get the better your report is! I finished my workbook last week and today I started making my box to put the cast inside of it! Watch this video to see how a pendant is made!
I am almost done with my box and by next week I will be able to take it home and give it to my dad! That is all for this reflection! I hope you guys enjoyed it! BYE :)

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

T.E.A.M - Camp Vision - Camp Program!

Kia Ora and welcome to my blog! Today I will be sharing with you guys something to do with CAMP!

If you do not know, the year 7 and 8's have camp in week five! Last week, the Kia Manawanui syndicate started doing their camp program! Our camp vision is:

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After science, home group 1 came to room 10 and started doing an activity! This activity was based on our camp vision! We got into groups of 3 and sat on a table! We got a piece of paper each and on that piece of paper we had to write down what that word means to us! After that we had to make a blog about what camp vision means to me, and how it will help us at camp! 

Here is a DLO about TEAM!

Hope you guys have enjoyed my DLO about T.E.A.M! I can't wait for more activities like this to come but also CAN'T WAIT for CAMP!!! 

Make sure to give me some feedback and feed forward :) BYE!

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Phases of the Moon!!

Phases of the Moon!!
IALT: share my knowledge about Phases of the Moon throughout a poster!
Kia Ora and welcome to my blog! Tonight I will be blogging about the Phases of the Moon!

So, in the morning block, the year 7 and 8's have a science session with the one and only Mrs Fepuleai! Recently we have been talking about the Moon, the Phases of the Moon, the Tides, etc. We got given a presentation that looks like this:
And we had to complete the tasks given to us! The first task was to create a poster showing the phases of the Moon! Here is my poster!

So, if you don't know, the reason why we see the Moon differently here on our Earth is because of the rotation of the Moon around our Earth! Since the Moon makes its light from the Sun's light the more it rotates around the Earth the more difference there is in the way we see the Moon! 
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That's all for tonight! Hope you guys enjoyed this blog! GOODNIGHT!

Saturday, 5 May 2018

⛪ Big Rehearsal for White Sunday!⛪

⛪ Big Rehearsal for White Sunday!⛪ 
IALT: reflect on the big practice for White Sunday!
Kia Ora and welcome to my blog! Today I will be doing a blog about what I done at church yesterday!

Last night, my mum and I got ready to go to church! My little brother was supposed to come but he had to stay because he was a bit sick and we wanted him to rest up for tomorrow (white Sunday). The reason why went to church is because we had a BIG PRACTICE of our White Sunday!
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If you don't know what White Sunday is, it is when each class from Sunday school has a topic and each student in that class gets a lesson/explanation to say on White Sunday! Anywho, I am in class 3 and in class 3 we talk about the importance of the blood of Jesus Christ/Mahuinga oe ta'a ta'a o Sisu Kalaisi!
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Last night, one of my teachers Makaleta gave me another lesson that belonged to another girl in my class but since she couldn't learn it I had to say it so basically I have two lessons/explanations now! They are,
1. Koe mahuinga' oe ta'a ta'a' o Sisu Kalaisi koe ' ikuna. Koe' aho kotoa pe' oku tau fepaki moe faingata'a lahi, ka kuo tau' ikuna noa ae ngahi faingata'a, koe' ofa' a kalaisi' aki hono ta'a ta'a. He kohai tu, tene motuhi ki taua mei he' ofa' a kalaisi, ka na'a tau' ikuna' ia, koe mea' oe ta'a ta'a o Sisu Kalaisi!
2. (This is the one that I say at the end of our explanation). Hotau siasi koe pole kiate kitautolu he aho ni, ketau tali' a Sisu mo hono ta'a ta'a, he koia hotau, amanakianga, hufanga'anga, polepoleanga, malohinga, moe mouianga.
I've already learnt both of them which I am really proud of because on the last one it took me only a few minutes to learn!

After our explanation we perform an action song to 'His Strength is Perfect- Steven Curtis Chapman'.

Anywho, it was when we ran through the whole entire day but without the malanga (sermon) ect. First we went through those who got up and said the bible verses and hymns for the sermon tomorrow, next we went through the family lesoni's (when siblings have an explanation), and after we went through the classes and their explanations! I watched the first 2 classes and then it was my classes turn! 

I think I done well I just need to improve on reading slower so it is clear to everyone! Here are some videos of me saying my explanation!   
I can't wait for tomorrow due to the fact that it is White Sunday and me and my family will be going out for dinner! Make sure to comment down below! BYE! :)

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

My first blog reflection for Term 2 2018!

My first blog reflection for Term 2 2018!
Kia Ora and welcome to my blog! Today I will be doing a reflection, describing what I done in the holidays and what I am looking forward to this term!
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In the holidays, two interesting things I done was go to the movies with my sister and also go to a sports/fun day in Mt Roskill! Me and my sister went to the Event cinemas in Manukau and watched Wrinkle in time! It was a very emotional movie and I almost cried watching it! 

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My favourite part of it was when Meg, the sister risks her life to save her brother Charles Wallace. Meg, Calvin (classmate), and Charles Wallace had travelled with the "Misses" (three ladies who helped Meg find her dad) to find their dad! Their dad was located in a different universe so they teasered/teleported to the universe and looked for the father! The "It" (bad person) had controlled Charles Wallace which made him bad and want to kill Meg. Meg got injured but still fought for her little brother! "I love you Charles Wallace! I love you!" she yelled to help him! Charles Wallace was no longer controlled and he ran to Meg to help her. The Misses then appeared and showed Meg that she helped the universe and that the whole of Earth was no longer under the "IT!" One thing I learnt from this movie was that when no love is shown it doesn't mean love is gone it just means it is enfolded!
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On last week Thursday my mum, brother, and I went to a sports/fun day my aunt was hosting at the Mt Roskill community center! I didn't know that much people there but I still had so much fun especially because I won a prize! The event was sponsored by New World and BNZ! We played different sports and had different activities to choose from! We were split into two teams and I was in team BLUE! One thing I learnt from this event was to not be shy when around people you don't know because the more you get to know them the more you learn about yourself (if that makes sense!) I had so much fun on Thursday and can't wait to do it again!

The kids that were at the sports/fun day!This term I am looking forward to going to camp! I am excited about this because it will help build my confidence and also my classmates confidence! It will help in team building skills and will let the Kia Manawanui syndicate have a little break from learning! This term I want to improve on working in a team and also building myself up! I think I need to improve on this because it will help me a lot in life! I think my classmates and teachers can help me by putting us in groups while doing work and also giving us compliments when they see our work!

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I know I belong in the Kia Manawanui syndicate because I am able to feel safe around the people I am surrounded by!