Monday, 10 April 2017

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Duffy Assembly

Today in the middle block TPS had a duffy assembly. We had 3 role models and their names were Madison (Samoan), Katherine (unknown), and Phillipe (Tongan). Madison, Katherine, and Phillipe are opera singers and they all started singing at a young age and in church choirs. Today they came and talked to us about how they got into singing and why it is important to read. English wasn't Phillipe's first language so when he was young it was hard for him to understand english but once he got into reading he got better at it. Maddison had nightmares when she was 3 so her grandmother who was blind had to stay up all night and learn the words of the book with her hands so she could read to Maddison. Katherine had her dad read to her and she had to learn how to read so she could finish of the book everytime her dad will fall asleep. Philipe said when you read always have a partner his partner was his older brother. Maddison told us and I really found this interesting she said that every book is a treasure and that when you read it, it takes you to a whole different place. I learnt that it is important to read because it helps you with your writig and spelling. What I enjoyed was when they told us about the different notes and when they sang to us. The names of the notes were 
Girls: Soprano for high, and Alto for low
Boys: Tenor for high, and bass for low.

I was amazed at their voices and if you missed out here they are:

Typhoid article

Hey guys. Today i wrote about what's happening in Auckland. There is a disease called Typhoid and it has spread to Mt Roskill and Manurewa. Hope you guys learnt something from my work. Enjoy!

Friday, 31 March 2017


Obsta- School

Hey guys.  Last week we started making our plans for our gaming unit. In my group we had Grace, Hevani, Hiria, Kika, and Edith. Our game was called Obsta-Course. I really enjoyed making this game even though cutting out cards from cardboard is hard. My part in participating was bringing my own game so we can use the people and money. I hope use will be able to play the game my group and I made and I hope use enjoy the process of the game making.
The start of the game
The painting of the game
The Finished progress