Thursday, 28 September 2017

Ako Evening Term 3

Yesterday we had an ako evening to show our parents the four hobbies we have been learning about. They are: Games, Sketching, Sewing, and Hip Hop. We got into groups and I chose  to write about Games.

This is our display board.


And More Elastics

Hevani & her Dad playing with the chatter rings.

Here are  some other display boards and their work:

It was really cool to see all family's participate in this Ako evening. I had so much more and I can't wait for more to come in the future!

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Facts about Space- T6

Talofa Everyone! Today I made task 6! This task is about how the Earth moves and how it tilts when it rotates, that is how seasons are made it is a pattern.

Monday, 25 September 2017

Facts about Space- T5-P2

Bula. Today I finished part two of task 5 and here it is:
In this task I learnt all about the tectonic plates and oceans on our Earth.

Facts about space- T5-P1

Welcome back to my blog! Again tonight I have finished task five about Space. There are two parts for this task and here they are:

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Facts about Space- T3

Namaste everyone. This evening I finished task three of for my homework and here it is:

Facts about Space- T2

Hi. Today I finished of task two. There are two parts of task two  and here they are:

Part two:

Name of the planet
description of the planet
Which direction does it spin?
How long does it take to go around the sun one time? (How long is one year on this planet?)
How long does this planet take to rotate once? (How long is one day on this planet?)
How much smaller/bigger is this planet than Earth? (Only if you can find out, don’t stress!)
Second hottest planet, 1 year = 88 Earth days, smallest planet
Counter clockwise
58 days
58days 15 hours, 30 minutes
Hottest planet, second closest to the sun, brightest planet in the solar system, and is too hot for anyone.
Counter clockwise
243 days
116 days, 18 hours 0 minutes
Planet we live on, third planet from the sun, only planet with organic life.
Counter clockwise
24 hours
24 hours
Red in colour, fourth planet from the sun, has the highest mountain in the whole solar system named Olympic Mons.
Counter clockwise
24 hours 37 minutes
24 hours 40 minutes
Covered in clouds, fifth planet from the sun, giant red spots is a raging storm, and in size it’s the bigger one.
Counter clockwise
9 hour 55 minutes
9 hours 56 minutes
Brown in colour, sixth planet from the sun, outer rings are extremely thin they are made from dust and icy chunks.
10 hours 35 minutes
10 hours 42 minutes
Blue in colour, seventh planet from the sun, humans call Uranus the icy planet because it’s the coldest one.
Counter clockwise
17 hours
17 hours 14 minutes
Blue in colour, eighth planet from the sun, to  many storms in it’s atmosphere and is the furthest from the sun.
Counter clockwise
16 hours
16 hours 6 minutes