Thursday, 23 June 2016

My Story

Bula Vinaka. Today for my homework I wrote a story. This story is about a girl named Jessie. When use read this story please give me some feed back and feed forward. Enjoy. Bye!
Jessie at the Park.
Once there lived a girl named Jessie. She lived with her little brother and her parents in a house near a park. One day her friends came over and asked if she was allowed to go to the park with her. Jessie said that she wasn’t allowed to walk to the park without asking her parents so she went and asked her mum. “Mum am I allowed to go to the park with my friends?” asked Jessie, “sure, but you have to be back before 5” replied her mum. Jessie was so excited and she ran and told her friends so they walked to the park.

As they were walking they saw a few people. “Do you know these people?” asked Jessie “of course we do their or friends, you just don’t know them yet but you’ll like them the second you meet them”. Jessie was worried she was so worried, because she knew her mum would get angry if she was talking to strangers. “Um I gotta get home before 5 so I better shoot of” said Jessie “uh no you don’t you're staying here with us” said one of her friends. Jessie was so scared she wanted to run home but she couldn’t because she was trapped.

“Why you looking so worried?” asked one of her friends, “I’m not” replied Jessie “then come on let’s go” Jessie knew she had to pretend to be like that so she can get home but when she walked along with them she saw some people tagging on the park. “Hey stop it!” yelled Jessie “what are you gonna do?” asked one of the people Jessie knew she should have just kept quiet but she didn’t. They all surrounded her and that was when she was really trapped. “MUMMMM!” yelled Jessie she was hoping that her mum could hear her.

Then she saw a person approaching her and the people. Then she heard a voice “Jessie it’s okay I’m coming!” Jessie was so happy to hear her mum.  When Jessie’s old friends and their friends saw Jessie’s mum they all ran away. “Jessie are you okay?, I was so worried about you” asked her mum “I’m fine mum don’t worry, but that’s the last time I’m ever coming to this park”. They both laughed and walked home. At the end of the day Jessie and her family watched a movie and they all lived happily ever after.

The End!

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