Thursday, 22 June 2017

Title: Are cats better pets than dogs or are dogs the real deal?

Talofa Lava everybody. Today I wrote a Persuasive Text on: Are cats better pets than dogs or are dogs the real deal?

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Here is my Persuasive Text hope use Enjoy!

Title: Are cats better pets than dogs or are dogs the real deal?

In my opinion I think dogs make better pets than cats and here's why.

Cat’s have sharp nails- In my point of view dogs are better pets than cats because cats get fed up with some people sometimes and when they do they start to scratch the owner. When cats scratch it’s pretty hurtful, but on the other hand some people think that cat’s scratching is better than dogs biting which is absolutely true but why would someone buy/adopt a dog that is very harmful when they know family like to visit. For example, if my cousins and aunty’s like to visit or sleepover why would I buy a pet that will harm/bite them? and if I did adopt a dog that was harmful I would keep them outside in the backyard with a fence to keep them from coming out. Just like when my family had two dogs and my sister was older so the dogs were allowed to stay inside but when I was born they were taken outside; which was really sad for my sister. This is one point on why I think dogs are better pets than dogs.

Jumping around and breaking environment- In my perspective cats like to jump around and when you're not looking they like to jump in places where you don’t want them to, but if you had a dog the dog will just sit somewhere and walk around without breaking anything. For example my friend from Church had a photo of her and her friend. She really cherished this photo and she also had a cat. One night she went to take a shower but when she came out the cat got startled, jumped onto the table where the picture was and the picture just fell and shattered everywhere. My friend was very upset and didn’t want her cat anymore. This is another reason for why Dogs are better pets than Cats!

Quietness and safety-  Some people (mostly old people that live by themselves) buy/adopt a pet to keep the m company and safe. Some people buy/adopt cats but in this situation the top pet on my list is a dog. I think a dog is the best option because when dogs see people that they are not familiar with they like to bark which is really loud but when cats meow
it isn’t very loud. For example my neighbour lives with her daughter and grandkids but when she used to live by herself she adopted a dog for safety reason and every time the dog would bark she would check outside just to make sure everything is fine and safe. On the other hand some think that security lights help better for this situation. Therefore in this situation pets are better because the security light could stop working and it’s just a light what if the owner of the house was sleeping how are they supposed to know that there's someone out side. Also if their sleeping they could use one of their senses which is listen to hear for the dogs bark. This is the last reason for why I think dogs are better pets than cats!

Surely by now you shall understand why Dogs are the real deal when it comes to not being hurt, not breaking any environment, and why dogs are the best options when it comes to safety and if you need someone or even something to play with!


  1. Hey Lydia!
    I really like your Persuasive Story! In my belief, I think that Dogs are also better than cats too, and even though some dogs are harmful then they could be trained to not be harmful and no offence to ANYONE who likes cats but... I really don't like them! Maybe next time you could re-read your blogpost to see if it make sense! Anyways Keep up the good work!

    Kind Regards,

  2. This is a great piece of writing Lydia, you should be proud of yourself. You really have understood the aspects of persuasive writing and can demonstrate them with ease and complexity. Well done!