Tuesday, 13 June 2017

We Made Banana Bread!

We Made Banana Bread!

Today in the middle block we made banana bread! First Miss Ashley made me and Hevani go to the staffroom and get some pots and forks. We were like turtles but rabbits at the same time. We found one pot and 4 forks and took it to class. When we walked in the class our group (Grace, Edith) were mashing bananas. We sat down and helped our group. Miss Ashley took Grace out of the classroom and I went with them to the staff room. Me and Grace mounted 3 blocks of butter in the microwave and took it to the classroom. Each group had to pour the butter into the banana mixture bit by bit. I done the butter for my group. Once the butter and banana were all mixed together we went to Miss Ashley and she helped us with the next part. 
  • First Hevani poured 3 cups of flour into the mixture.
  • Then Grace Poured in 1 cup of sugar.
  • After that Miss Ashley added some vanilla extract and baking soda. Edith also cracked one egg into the mixture.
  • Then we chose from white chocolate and dark chocolate and added them in. Me and Edith chose both while Hevani and Grace chose dark chocolate (BORING).
Once we finished adding all of the ingredients it was time for me to mix it all up.

It was all mixed up and we chose to make banana muffins and we put it in the oven. Once it was baked it was time to eat! It was really delicious and it was really filling.

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