Friday, 2 September 2016

Ratios - Playdough

Today we made playdough. To make playdough we used ratios. Today I learnt that ratios are consistent. I also learnt that ratios are balanced and that if you change one side you have to do the same to the other.

To make playdough you need:

1) 2 1/4 c of flour
2) 5 table spoons of oil (cooking/canola)
3) 5 drops of food colouring
4) 1 c of water
5) 1/2 a c of salt
Miss Morrison mixing the ingredients

Toma pouring in the oil

Miss M mixing the dough while Toma and Amon pour in the food colouring

Akanesi and her beautiful snowman

The boys being silly!
I had so much fun making playdough. I also enjoyed using ratios to make it. I can't wait to do something cool again with my cool class room.

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