Monday, 20 February 2017

The Worst Spelling Test Ever!

Hey guys. Today room 7 done a practice test about our spelling test. Give me some feedback on what you think about it. Bye!


The Worst Spelling Test ever!

Spelling is the worst! Like honestly it does help you with your learning and your education but why does it have to be boring? Like today Room 7 had a spelling test and it all went wrong. So here's what happened.

First of our teacher Miss Ashley said, “Room 7! Please put your netbooks away, get a pencil and your spelling test paper, and find a seat at a table.” It was as simple as that but what happens, everybody puts their netbooks away and takes forever to do what their told. After like 5  minutes of sitting around waiting for the class to settle down Miss Ashley starts the test. “The first word is Net”, says Miss Ashley. At first I was kinda stressed because I really did wanna get at least most of my words right but I stopped worrying about it  and just got on with the test. We start writing and wait for Miss Ashley to proceed.

I was trying to focus but I kept on getting distracted because Miss Ashley kept on stopping continuously because she got annoyed everytime everyone would ask her to repeat a word. As she continued it got boring and even more boring also hard and harder because some of the words were challenging. We were so close to the beginning but then she STOPPED again, COME ON MISS IT’S THEIR DECISION TO WORK OR NOT WORK JUST HURRY UP BECAUSE IT’S SO BORING!”  I thought in my head. I tried to keep my calm, cause I was as angry as a hungry lion.

“YES WE’RE FINISHED, WE’RE FINALLY FINISHED!” I yelled I was so happy but also in pain. Once we reached the 100th word I dropped my pencil and shook my hand because it was so sore I felt like a nail was going through my hand.

I think I done fine, well I don’t really care BECAUSE SPELLING IS THE WORST!


  1. Hi dia, it is me Edith on you account.
    Yes you are right it was boring and you had an amazing story.By the way I have no feedforward for you but as I said your are amazing and Nice job for the very interesting words bye :D :D :D

  2. Lydia this is a great recount, yes I know it was a boring topic, but you have made it interesting by using adjectives, similes and dialogue (talking).
    Next steps - don't use 'like' as a sentence starter, and maybe adding in who else was there (for example, my friend Hevani was sitting next to me, and I could tell she was bored too because of how she kept sighing).