Friday, 3 March 2017

Our visit to the creek - Recount

On a steaming hot day Room 7 and Room 4 buddied up with Room two, and went to the local creek. I had two buddies their names were Opeti, and Cheldyn. We went to the creek because it was part of our inquiry topic and also we went to explore.

Firstly room 7 went to room 4’s class to get ready to walk. As we were walking to Tripoli road Miss Park yelled very boisterous, “Can we come?!”  “YUP!”, answered Miss Ashley.  I was really happy to have room 2 join us. It was a life lesson because all the elder buddies had to walk on the side closer to the road.  I was boiling as we were walking because their was no shade while we were walking and there was no stopping.

We got to the Creek and I just collapsed on the itchy grass under the shade and relaxed. I was very exhausted but excited at the same time. I could hear birds tweeting, and I could feel the winds breeze blowing against my face.  I was really responsible with my buddies because I didn’t want them to fall into the creek.  As we were exploring Mrs Tafea saw an eel, I was very excited and so was everybody else because they started screaming. The eel got frightened and disappeared. Coralee, Viliami, and I used a stick to move the grass to “FREE THE EEL”, it didn’t work but what we saw was even better. We saw a little fish, a dead bird, and an even bigger eel on the side Miss Ashley and them were on, and a dead rat with maggots eating it. Lopi stood on it because he didn’t know it was dead.  It was very cool because Miss Ashley and them had a bridge on their side made by fallen tree trunks.

After all of the fun we had it was time to go back to school. It was even worse when we walked back then it was when we walked to the creek because it was even more hot and everybody took forever.

It was very cool because when we got to school Miss Ashley showed us what she found. Her and her group found a hibiscus tree at the border of the meadow. I really loved that flower because it reminds me of the tropical islands and Hawaii. They found some old rusty leaves, and some roots. They also found a little green thing that smelt and looked like feijoa. We drank our warm yuk milk which I didn’t drink, wrote notes to write this recount and played wink murder.

At the end of the day everybody was dozing off, but yet enjoyed this awesome adventure we went on. Can’t wait to go next time and hopefully we find even more eels.

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